Published November 20, 2020

Unlikely Allies Iron Man and Doctor Doom Join Forces to Save the Holidays from Knull

It's a holly, jolly 'King in Black' one-shot to get everyone in the holiday spirit!

As the days become shorter and nights grow longer, it can only mean one thing: Knull, god of the symbiotes is fast-approaching in Marvel's menacing comic event KING IN BLACK!

Also: the holidays!

With a big event coming in time with the season of giving, it's fair to assume that one of the most frightening threats in the Marvel Universe will try to ruin the holidays while also attempting to destroy the planet. And it's the perfect opportunity for two of Marvel's most classic characters -- who don't happen to like each other very much -- to come together, see past their differences, and try to save Earth (and Santa Claus) from annihilation.

In KING IN BLACK: IRON MAN/DOOM #1, written by Christopher Cantwell with art and a cover by Salvador Larroca, Tony Stark AKA Iron Man and Doctor Doom team up to fight some evil and extinguish at least one fire caused by Knull. The book goes on sale Wednesday, December 30, but you can see a preview right here!

King in Black Iron Man Doom

Iron Man has risked everything to save Eddie Brock, but now he’s left with nothing but guilt. As longtime "frenemy" Doctor Doom shows up with both counseling words and ulterior motives, they’ll be forced to battle an all-too-familiar specter of the holiday season—albeit one now twisted and controlled by the recent invasion of Earth by the symbiote homeworld. As Iron Man and Doom fight as temporary allies, their unexpected encounter both with each other and a horrifying inversion of yuletide joy may ultimately reveal to them the true meaning of Knull-mas.

King in Black Iron Man Doom

KING IN BLACK: IRON MAN/DOOM #1, written by Christopher Cantwell with art and a cover by Salvador Larroca, goes on sale Wednesday, December 30. You can pre-order your copy today online or at your local comic shop!

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