Published December 14, 2022

Acclaimed Artist CAFU Brings His Iconic Style to Al Ewing and Ram V's Symbiote Saga Starting in 'Venom' #17

Be there for CAFU’s debut issue of 'Venom' this March.

Starting in March, CAFU joins the symbiote hivemind!

The acclaimed artist, who recently signed exclusively with Marvel Comics, will be making VENOM his home in 2023, bringing his extraordinary talents to Al Ewing and Ram V’s hit run. Having just wrapped up an incredible run of IRON MAN where he expertly tackled both epic cosmic action and Tony’s intense personal dramas, CAFU is the perfect to artist to continue father/son Eddie and Dylan Brock’s riveting journeys as symbiote hosts and their current adventures across time and space!

CAFU will be taking over from superstar artist Bryan Hitch, who launched the series with great success last year and will continue to provide the title with showstopping covers! Set in the aftermath of DARK WEB, VENOM #17 will see Eddie return to the Garden of Time and face off against Bedlam, the terrifying being born of his own rage!

“Since I was a kid, the Marvel Universe and its characters have been a huge part of my life, especially Spider-Man and his entire rogues gallery. For this reason, it's been a dream come true signing this new exclusivity contract with the best comic book publisher in the world and also drawing VENOM, one of my favorite characters in all the Spider-Verse!” CAFU said.

VENOM #17 Variant Cover by CAFU

Written by AL EWING
Art by CAFU
Variant Cover by CAFU
On Sale 3/1

Check out CAFU’s variant cover for his first issue below and pick up VENOM #17 this March!

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