Published September 1, 2022

Who Is Millie the Model?

This high fashion model turned S.H.I.E.L.D. super-spy returns in style on Marvel Unlimited!

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Have you heard of Millie the Model? It’s alright if you haven’t! Created by pioneering writer-artist Ruth Atkinson, Millie’s first issue debuted way back in 1945. She was known as the star of one of Marvel’s longest-running humor titles, totaling in at 207 issues! (Although at that point in history “Marvel Comics” was still “Timely” and later “Atlas Comics.”) Millie also had a few spin-offs during her twenty-year solo series! Curious to know a little more about Millie before reading her all-new story arc “Millie the Spy” in Infinity Comics anthology series LOVE UNLIMITED? Let’s dive further into her fabulous, fashionable history!

Preview from LOVE UNLIMITED: MILLIE THE SPY INFINITY COMIC (2022) #13 by Stephanie Phillips and Nick Roche, now on the Marvel Unlimited app!
Preview from LOVE UNLIMITED: MILLIE THE SPY INFINITY COMIC (2022) #13 by Stephanie Phillips and Nick Roche, now on the Marvel Unlimited app!


Millicent Collins, or Millie, grew up in Sleepy Gap, Kansas, a rural farming town. She left her home to pursue modeling in the big city, AKA New York. In her early years (1940s-1960s), she worked at the Hanover Modeling Agency, where she would get caught in-between wacky adventures, including a romance with photographer Clicker Holbrook. During the 1980s, Millie would run her own modeling agency, which included some very familiar faces. She would make her return in the 21st century starring in the limited series MODELS, INC. (2009) and appearing in the first issue of the FEARLESS (2019) anthology celebrating the Women of Marvel.

Millie is ready for her closeup in FEARLESS (2019) #1.
FEARLESS (2019) #1


In the fashion industry, it’s important to have good friends just as much as a unique sense of style. Toni Turner is Millie’s best friend and one of her roommates. Millie is also good friends with Daisy. She was initially Hanover Modeling Agency’s wardrobe assistant but in FEARLESS (2019) #1 was reimagined as a social media influencer. Jill Jerold, a British model, was cool with Millie during the early years and would appear again in MODELS, INC.. As this is the Marvel Universe, Millie was also on good terms with “super” models: Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat, a former humor heroine co-created by Ruth Atkinson, Dazzler, and She-Hulk. These three women were clients of Millie’s once she ran her own agency!

Millie’s model crew in MODELS, INC. (2009) #1.
Millie’s model crew in MODELS, INC. (2009) #1.


Not everyone in the fashion world is buddy-buddy with Millie. Chili Storm, a redheaded diva with an equally fiery personality, is a fierce competitor who always tried to outshine her and other models. Chili reveled at the opportunity to make fun of Millie, staying prepared with a snarky response. However, Chili will stand up for her rival when she’s not present. How…nice? Chili even had her own series back in the day.

Chili and Millie argue in MILLIE THE MODEL (1945) #100.
MILLIE THE MODEL (1945) #100


After her series ended, Millie would pop up at various points in the Marvel Universe. Her first post-solo series appearance was at the Fantastic Four wedding of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, which was revisited in MARVELS (1994) #2. She was the boss of Glamour Girls, Inc. in DEFENDERS (1972) #65, and at some point, she would migrate from New York to Los Angeles as she was running “Millie’s Models” in DAZZLER (1981) #34. Lastly, she helped an alien in love in THE AGE OF THE SENTRY (2008) #3.

Dazzler is signed by Millie’s Models in DAZZLER (1981) #34!
Dazzler is signed by Millie’s Models in DAZZLER (1981) #34!

Isn’t Millie just the bee’s knees? You’ll be seeing more of her as a spy for S.H.I.E.L.D. in LOVE UNLIMITED: MILLIE THE SPY INFINITY COMIC #13, only on the Marvel Unlimited app! This six-part story arc will drop new chapters each Thursday!

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