Published February 1, 2023

Marvel Creators Show Their Support in the X-Men Election

Who are your favorite creators endorsing in the third annual X-Men Election? Find out here!

2023 X-Men Election polls are now open

Let your voice be heard! Vote for the newest member of the X-Men at from January 31 until February 3.

The third annual X-Men Election is officially underway, and X-fans all across the world are making their voices heard—including our own Marvel Comics creators! As voting ramps up for each of the six candidates, X-MEN RED writer Al Ewing, DEADPOOL writer Alyssa Wong, LEGION OF X writer Si Spurrier, IMMORTAL X-MEN writer Kieron Gillen, MARAUDERS writer Steve Orlando, and X-MEN writer Gerry Duggan revealed who they voted for and why they think you should vote for them, too.

Head over to now to select your candidate now through Friday, February 3. By casting your ballot, you will help determine the final member of Krakoa's supreme Super Hero squad. And, of course, don't forget to share and campaign on social media with the hashtag #XMenVote!

Al Ewing Votes Frenzy

"As S.W.O.R.D.'s resident ambassador, Joanna Cargill embodies Roosevelt's philosophy: speak softly and don't bother carrying anything because you can bench-press ten tons and you're almost completely indestructible. A vote for Frenzy is a vote for diplomacy."

X-Men Election 2023: Frenzy Profile

Alyssa Wong Votes Jubilee

"Is your life (and X-Men roster) missing a certain spark? Don't get fireworked up about it, just head to the polls and vote for Jubilee! Free chili fries included with every vote!"

X-Men Election 2023: Jubilee Profile

Si Spurrier Votes Juggernaut

"Despite everything his sketchy stepbrother has thrown at him, Juggernaut remains a simply irresistible kind of guy. While everyone else is punching, kicking, and blasting their way at problems, Cain Marko is using his head. Hard. Vote for a candidate with the courage of his (many) convictions and a (literal) inability to make embarrassing U-turns."

X-Men Election 2023: Juggernaut Profile

Kieron Gillen Votes Prodigy

"It's a little known fact that the X-Men are spectacularly bad at pub quizzes. Even the Defenders beat them. The Defenders! Let us bring this era of shame to an end. A vote for Prodigy on the X-Men is a vote for the X-Men not flunking music trivia rounds ever again."

X-Men Election 2023: Prodigy Profile

Steve Orlando Votes Dazzler

"Dazzler is just the high-intensity candidate the X-Men need! For years, fans have screamed her name! Who better than the hero and chart-topping recording artist that's reinvented herself time and time again to help Krakoa's premiere team of heroes adapt to meet tomorrow's Vote Dazzler! Turn all that noise into power!"

X-Men Election 2023: Dazzler Profile

Gerry Duggan Votes Cannonball

“Want your favorite Super Heroes to have velocity and charm? Then lock, load, and vote Sam Guthrie, your Cannonball, onto the next roster of X-Men.”

X-Men Election 2023: Cannonball Profile

X-Men election voting will be open from 9:00 am ET, January 31, 2023 until 11:59 pm ET, February 3, 2023. The results, along with the full new X-Men team, will be unveiled during the Hellfire Gala in Marvel comics this July.

The results will be completely determined by your votes, so make sure to share your vote and campaign for your favorite X-Men using #XMenVote. Stay tuned to and Marvel’s social channels for regular updates on the Krakoan polls.

The future of Krakoa belongs to you. Choose wisely!

The 2023 X-Men Election runs Tuesday, January 31 through Friday, February 3. For more information, visit


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