Published August 5, 2022

Lunella Teams Up With Wolverine & Havok in 'X-Men & Moon Girl' #1 First Look

In a special first look at ‘X-Men & Moon Girl’ #1, Lunella, Wolverine, and Havok infiltrate the High Evolutionary’s lab in pursuit of Devil Dinosaur.

To bring Devil Dinosaur home safe and sound, Lunella Lafayette is going to have to join forces with a couple of X-Men.

On the heels of her team up with Captain Marvel in AVENGERS & MOON GIRL (2022) #1, Lunella will recruit Wolverine and Havok to her cause in X-MEN & MOON GIRL (2022) #1 by Mohale Mashigo and David Cutler. Together, they will pursue the High Evolutionary, who has taken Devil Dinosaur with him to Counter-Earth. Lunella is going to need all the help she can get to stop the High Evolutionary’s animal army…as well as his warped clones of Devil Dinosaur!

In a special first look at X-MEN & MOON GIRL #1, Lunella seizes this opportunity by the face – literally! One page shows her confronting Wolverine, then grabbing his head and plotting their next move (much to Havok’s bemusement). In another, Moon Girl, Wolverine, and Havok remove their clever animal disguises, only to discover something waiting for them in the dark. A final page shows a clash between Moon Girl’s motley crew and the High Evolutionary’s forces in the lab where he has been experimenting on poor Devil Dinosaur.

Follow Moon Girl’s quest to find Devil Dinosaur in this special first look at X-MEN & MOON GIRL #1 below!

X-MEN & MOON GIRL #1 interior artwork by David Cutler

On Sale 9/7

Will Moon Girl, Wolverine, and Havok have what it takes to rescue Devil Dinosaur? Find out in X-MEN & MOON GIRL #1, on sale September 7th!

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X-MEN & MOON GIRL #1 Preview


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