Published December 20, 2021

Wolverine Takes A.I.M. in ‘X-Men Unlimited: Latitude’

Read the first four chapters of the hit Infinity Comics series by Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey in print this March!

X-MEN UNLIMITED: LATITUDE #1 hits comic shops on March 16—a Wolverine-centric one-shot that adapts the hit Infinity Comics story arc from creators Jonathan Hickman and Declan Shalvey! “Latitude,” the opening arc from the X-Men’s latest anthology series, was first released in vertical digital format on the Marvel Unlimited app. With its March release, everyone can read the original story from X-MEN UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC #1-4, retold for the first time in print!

Preview cover to X-MEN UNLIMITED: LATITUDE #1 by Declan Shalv
Preview cover to X-MEN UNLIMITED: LATITUDE #1 by Declan Shalvey.

When A.I.M. manages a covert infiltration of the S.W.O.R.D. station and kidnaps three mutants, it’s up to Wolverine to take one giant leap for man and get them back. From the vacuum of space to the dripping guts of an evil supercomputer, Logan will stop at nothing to save his friends.

“I'm a huge X-fan and have very much been admiring what [Jonathan] and the X-crew have been doing,” says “Latitude” artist Declan Shalvey. “The one thing I knew going in was that working on a project like this was going to push me as a storyteller and that definitely turned out to be true.”

Read Wolverine’s battle against A.I.M. when X-MEN UNLIMITED: LATITUDE #1 hits comic shops on March 16! Or, revisit the original vertical story in X-MEN UNLIMITED INFINITY COMIC #1-4 on the Marvel Unlimited app.

Art and Cover by DECLAN SHALVEY

Women’s History Variant Cover by BETSY COLA
On Sale 3/16



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