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Published March 11, 2020

Avengers Campus: First Look at the Merchandise Available

Pick up a Spider-Bot of your very own!

When Avengers Campus opens at Disney California Adventure Park , guests looking to team up with and gear up like a Super Hero will find over 100 new items that currently can only be found in Avengers Campus. 

There are two new merchandise locations in Avengers Campus, WEB Suppliers and Campus Supply Pod

If you’re looking for anything and everything WEB — which is short for Worldwide Engineering Brigade — you’ll find that at WEB Suppliers. Across from the WEB building, you can find things like those pesky Spider-Bots as seen in WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure (which can be customized!), a Spider-Man action figure that comes with and interacts with two of its own mini Spider-Bots and Funko Pop! Figurines, plus a take-home kit so aspiring heroes can create their own spider webs. 

The nearby Campus Supply Pod is the place to power up with official Avenges Campus logo gear, from tees, hats, drinkware, and other Super Hero Supplies.  

While there are certainly dozens of more items on the way, here’s a look at just some of the things you’ll be able to find in Avengers Campus when it opens! 


After you stop them in WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure you might want to take a Spider-Bot home with you. Guests will be able to build and battle their Spider-Bots to gain a new sidekick as they train to be a part of the next generation of Super Heroes.

Spider-Bot Tactical Upgrades and Spider-Man Backpack

The Spider-Bots are cute as they are Spidey themed, but you can also snag tactical upgrades that change their appearance and battle capabilities. The tactical upgrades include Black PantherIron ManBlack WidowAnt-Man and The Wasp. Sold separately, the Spider-Man backpack is perfect for carrying all your Super Hero-in-training essentials, including your very own Spider-Bot.

S.T.E.M. Compound Kits

Using these kits, guests can learn the science behind some of their favorite Super Heroes as they create webs like Spider-Man or Gamma Glow Goo inspired by the Hulk

WEB Youth Apparel and Spider-Man Costume

Young recruits who are looking to gear up for Super Hero training will find a variety of apparel items featuring the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man at WEB Suppliers, including a brand new Spider-Man costume.  

Avengers Campus Family Apparel and WEB Household and Novelty Items

Families will find all the gear they need to train alongside some of their favorite Super Heroes. 
Guests can commemorate their successful recruitment with a variety of household and novelty items including beaker-inspired mugs, toothpick holders, notepads, trading pins and patches.

Spider-Man Light Goggles and Web Shooters

Super Heroes-in-training can choose to wear these stylish light-up goggles, which feature 17 unique expressions based on Spider-Man. Sold separately, these Web-Shooters cuff around the wrists and feature authentic lights and sounds.

Avengers Campus Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines 

If you’re searching for Funko Pop! figurines, Avengers Campus will feature Disney Parks exclusive items, including Spider-Man with a Spider-Bot that has run amuck throughout Avengers Campus, and Iron Man’s Avengers Campus exclusive Mark 80 suit.

Want to learn more about Avengers Campus? Check out everything we learned about the land, the food and beverage, and the Spider-Man attraction.


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