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Published October 14, 2020

Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week and Redeem for an Amazing Spider-Man #50 Digital Wallpaper

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It's our Spider-versary! Come join the party with our favorite Spider-Heroes as we celebrate the milestone issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2020) #50! Not only will you earn extra Marvel Insider points for picking up this landmark issue, you can redeem those points for an exclusive Insider reward. Read on, True Believers!

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The Amazing Spider-Man #50 Digital Wallpaper
Redeem for: 3,000 points

You're in the Spider-Verse now! Join Spider-Gwen, Silk, Spider-Man, Araña and Spider-Girl as they THWIP! across your screens. How? Sign into your Marvel Insider account and redeem this exclusive Digital Wallpaper commemorating the 50th issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2020)!

Marvel Insider The Amazing Spider-Man #50 Digital Wallpaper


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“LAST REMAINS” is so huge it cannot be contained within the pages of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Kindred’s assault is so epic, it’s going to sweep the other Spider-Heroes of the Marvel Universe up in its wake. All this and the bombshell dropped at the end of ASM #49 rolls toward one of Marvel fandom’s favorite characters.

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Marvel Insider Comic of the Week THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2020) #50


THOR Legacy Sale (Up to 67% off) 
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Nearly one hundred collections starring the Mighty Thunderer are being offered for up to 67% off in the Marvel Comics App, all worthy tales from Asgard that will make you want to pick up a hammer and swing!

Featuring the works of classic creators like Walt Simonson and modern maestros like Matt FractionJason AaronKieron GillenRussell Dauterman, and more, this massive Thor sale spans the entire publication history of the Odinson, including his first appearance and major events. Save big through October 18! Once purchased, all of your stories are accessible through your personal library, and can be read on iPhone®, iPad® and select Android™ devices!

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Marvel Insider DIGITAL COMICS SALE THOR Legacy Sale (Up to 67% off)


See if you can name the scariest monsters in the Marvel Universe!
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Monsters roam the Marvel Universe year-round, but they always seem to come out in full force during the scariest holiday of the year! Take this Halloween quiz to test your knowledge (and nerve) to prove that these monsters don't rattle you. Your bravery will be rewarded with 500 Insider points!


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SCARLET WITCH (2024) #1 cover by Russell Dauterman


June 12's New Marvel Comics: The Full List

Stand with Scarlet Witch, meet the new mutants of the Ultimate Universe, resist the vampire hordes of Blood Hunt, and more in this week's comics!

MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN #23 cover by Federico Vicentini


'Blood Hunt' #2 Sees Another Marvel Hero Turned into a Creature of the Night

'Blood Hunt' #2's shocking final page saw Miles Morales transformed into a vampire, which impacts the wall-crawler in Cody Ziglar and Federico Vicentini's 'Miles Morales: Spider-Man' #23 in August.

SPIDER-GWEN: THE GHOST-SPIDER (2024) #1 cover by Mark Brooks


May 22's New Marvel Comics: The Full List

See Spider-Gwen settle into her new life on Earth-616, strike back against the 'Blood Hunt' with the Avengers, and more in this week's comics.

'MARVEL SNAP' Goes Reality-Hopping in New Season with Blink and the Exiles


'MARVEL SNAP' Goes Reality-Hopping in New Season with Blink and the Exiles

Time to teleport! Where in the Multiverse will you head to in the latest season of 'MARVEL SNAP'?