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Published May 20, 2020

Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week by Choosing Your Favorite Marvel Super Hero and Villain

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It's no secret that without you, True Believers, the Marvel Universe would not be where it is now. Every comic book is filled with amazing, marvelous, incredible and uncanny characters, and it's thanks to you that the House of Ideas stands today.

So what do we want to do? Reward you for being you! We set up the Marvel Insider program so you can earn Insider points for the things you are already doing, like keeping up with the latest news on and reading your favorite comic books. Now we want to hear from YOU⁠—who are your all-time, absolute, above-all favorite Marvel characters?

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Choose Your Favorite Super Hero
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points

With great power comes great responsibility, and a chance to choose which Super Hero best represents YOU! Is it their strength, leadership, charm⁠—or that one crazy arc in that story when⁠—you know, that one! Merry Marvelites, what was that moment when you knew this was YOUR Super Hero?

Choose Your Favorite Villain
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points

But what's a Super Hero without a good Villain? Or a great one, in fact? Rivals, arch nemeses, frenemies...It's worth looking at which of the greatest villains called the greatest Super Heroes to action. Conflict breeds conflict, and some great one-liners along the way. They are...inevitable.

Marvel Insider Choose Your Favorite Super Hero Earn 1,000 Points
Marvel Insider Choose Your Favorite Villain Earn 1,000 Points


Read Venom (2018) #1-6
EARN: +1,500 Insider Points

In the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s collapse, an ancient and primordial evil has been awakened beneath the streets of New York, and with it, something equally evil has awakened in that most Wicked of Webslingers – VENOM! Still a Lethal Protector of the innocents in New York, this never-before-seen threat could force Venom to relinquish everything it holds dear – including Eddie Brock! Join two of the hottest creators in comics today, Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, for a VENOM adventure a thousand years in the making!

Find out what happens in VENOM (2018) #1-6, available to read for free on Marvel Unlimited.

Marvel Insider Venom: Wicked Webslinger Reading Quest Read Venom (2018) #1-6 for Free


EARN: +1,000 Insider Points by purchasing from the Digital Comics Shop

Hawkeye’s relationship to Ronin has even his friends turning against him. He’s been lying about a lot of things. But you can’t lie to Captain America. Meanwhile, his war with the Hood is beginning to spin out of control as the people close to him are put in real danger. Having to deal with the Hood was bad enough, but now Clint finds himself in the sights of another former Hawkeye. No. Not her... Enter BULLSEYE.

Marvel Insider Purchase Hawkeye: Freefall (2020) #5 From the Digital Comics Shop Earn 1,000 Insider Points


MS. MARVEL (2014) #1
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points

Kamala Khan is just an ordinary girl from Jersey City--until she is suddenly empowered with extraordinary gifts. But who truly is the all-new Ms. Marvel? Teenager? Muslim? Inhuman? Find out as she takes the Marvel Universe by storm, and prepare for an epic tale that will be remembered by generations to come. History in the making is NOW!

Marvel Insider Free Comic of the Week Ms. Marvel (2014) #1 Read Free Earn 1,000 Insider Points


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