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Published April 29, 2020

Earn Points for Marvel Insider This Week with Black Widow in Contest of Champions

Join Marvel Insider today to earn points and redeem for exclusive rewards available from April 29!

So how'd you do, True Believers? Are you now #TeamCaptainAmerica or #TeamIronMan? If you didn't catch our Reading Quest last week for CIVIL WAR (2006) #1-7, today's your last chance to participate! (4/29)

For all you gaming fans, don’t miss out on your chance to earn points for the Marvel Contest of Champions: From Beyond quests – it ends today!  Be sure to check this all out at Marvel Insider.

And if you're already looking for the next challenge, we've got you covered right here with the latest Insider activities and offers. Make sure you are signed in on before you start, and don't forget to redeem for your exclusive rewards!


Compete in Marvel Contest of Champions Black Widow: Red by Dawn
EARN: +10,000 Insider Points (Beginner Level)
EARN: +30,000 Insider Points (Normal Level)
EARN: +50,000 Insider Points (Heroic Level)

Here's a chance to earn BIG points, for gamers of all levels! Marvel Contest of Champions brings you Natasha Romanoff herself in their latest contest, Black Widow: Red by Dawn. This time she's joined by Red Guardian, but how long will they last? It's up to you! Head over to Marvel Insider to choose your level (Beginner, Normal, Heroic) and start earning those points! All levels are free to play.

Marvel Insider Challenge: Compete in Marvel Contest of Champions Black Widow: Red by Dawn


Runaways by Rainbow Rowell Vol. 5: Cannon Fodder
EARN: +2,000 Insider Points by purchasing the collection

Collects RUNAWAYS (2017) #25-31.

Runaways no more! As the mysterious Doc Justice offers to shape our heroes into a super-group to protect Los Angeles, say hello to the J-Team! But who is the inspirational Doc Justice, anyway? How did he convince the least capes-and-tights-oriented kids in the Marvel Universe to suit up? And will everybody be on board with this major shift in the status quo? Don’t bet on it! As Doc Justice and his new recruits start cleaning up L.A. better than anyone expected, they’ll soon start to set their sights even higher! But where does that leave Gert? Back at the Doc’s mansion, of course. She’s not just going to sit there - with access to the J-Team’s files and resources, Gert is going to do her part! But where will this new role take her?

Runaways by Rainbow Rowell Vol. 5: Cannon Fodder


Points are not all you can get for playing Marvel Contest of Champions this week. You can also pick up this Black Widow (Deadly Origin) Starter Bundle, packed full with 1x 2-Star Black Widow (Deadly Origin), 1x 2-Star Awakening Gem, 1x Premium Hero Crystal, 5x Level 2 Health Potion, 5x Level 1 Revive, and 5000x Gold! 

Marvel Insider Featured Reward: Marvel Contest of Champions: Black Widow (Deadly Origin) Starter Bundle

If you REALLY want to boost your stats, pick up the Red Guardian Incursion Bundle for Marvel Contest of Champions. Boasting 1x 3-Star Red Guardian, 2000x Incursion Artifacts, 2x Level 2 Incursion Revive, 5x Level 3 Incursion Potion, 5x Level 2 Incursion Potion, and 5x Greater Golden Crystal, it's the ultimate power kit for your next playthrough.

Marvel Insider Featured Reward: Marvel Contest of Champions: Red Guardian Incursion Bundle


Enjoy the sights with Spider-Man as he gazes over a beautifully detailed Washington Square in New York City. This picture-perfect scene is yours as a FREE video background, which you can redeem for 0 points. (Yes, ZERO points!) Just open up your Marvel Insider account, click on your Rewards, and take your pick from an array of official Marvel video backgrounds. No need to send a postcard—just throw up this background on your next video call and tell everyone in real time: "Wish you were here!"

Marvel Insider Featured Reward: Spider-Man City Video Background


(Available May 1)

Here's a treat - a very special Spider-Verse wallpaper designed by Skottie Young! See Peter Parker peeking out from his Spider-Man mask as he's joined by lots - and LOTS - of his Spidey-friends! How many can you spot?

Marvel Insider Featured Reward: Video Background
That's not all! More rewards will drop on May 1, so head on over to your Marvel Insider account to keep track of your points and redeem for special limited-time offers. Don't forget to check back next Wednesday for another round of challenges and rewards, filled with exclusive Marvel bonuses!

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