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Published December 22, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide: Rival the Xavier Institute by Adding These Picks to Your Personal Library

A handful of every type of book and comic for every type of Marvel fan in your life!

Curating a comics collection can be a daunting task, but let us help you be the envy of all Xavier Institute's student body's eye with this year's selects. Whether you're building our your own personal collection, or helping a loved one catch up on all things Marvel, is here to make things super easy this holiday season!

The team has highlighted a few of our personal recommendations, but don’t forget to head over Holiday 2020 portal for our entire curated gift guides!

The Next Phase of the Mutant Evolution

X-Men Relaunch

Welcome to a new dawn. Last year, X-Men mastermind/writer Jonathan Hickman, artists Pepe Larraz and R.B. Silva laid out the groundwork for the X-Men Universe. Here is your chance to get in on the ground floor of the all-new mutant age with DAWN OF X VOL. 1, X-MEN VOL. 1, MARAUDERS VOL. 1, EXCALIBUR VOL. 1, X-FORCE VOL. 1, WOLVERINE VOL. 1, HELLIONS VOL. 1, and CABLE VOL. 1.

Get Caught Up On Marvel Ongoing Series

Marvel Ongoings

What better time to get caught up than cozying up to some great reads during holiday vacation! Not sure what you may have missed this year? We recommend Rainbow Rowell and Andres Genolet's RUNAWAYS VOL. 5: CANNON FODDER, Chip Zdarsky, Marco Checchetto, Francesco Mobili, Nolan Woodard and Rachelle Rosenberg's DAREDEVIL VOL. 3: THROUGH HELL, Matthew Rosenberg and Otto Schmidt's HAWKEYE: FREEFALL, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Leinil Francis Yu, Adam Kubert, Gerry Alanguilan and Sunny Gho's CAPTAIN AMERICA VOL. 1, Alex Ross, Jim Kreuger, and Well-Bee's MARVELS X, Frank Tieri, Angel Unzueta, and Rachelle Rosenberg's RAVENCROFT, Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matthew Wilson's KING THOR VOL. 1: THE DEVOURER KING, Zhou Liefen, Keng, and Greg Pak's AERO VOL. 1: BEFORE THE STORM, Shuizhu, Gunji, and Greg Pak's SWORD MASTER VOL. 1: WAR OF THE ANCIENTS, Pere Perez and Karla Pacheco's SPIDER-WOMAN VOL. 1: BAD BLOOD, Margaret Stohl and Juan Ferreyra's SPIDER-MAN NOIR: TWILIGHT IN BABYLON, and Jim Zub and Lan Medina's BLACK PANTHER AND THE AGENTS OF WAKANDA VOL. 1: EYE OF THE STORM.

Marvel unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Speaking of catching up on your pull list, want to gift a Marvel fan instant access to over 28,000+ digital comics? Ideal for those starting their comics journey (or seasoned collectors in need of space), Marvel Unlimited is a guided, award-winning mobile app and desktop browser that offers just about every Marvel comic you can get your hands on. A comics catalog spanning eighty years of history, MU is truly the gift that keeps on giving—newer and classic titles are added weekly, as early as three months after they’re in stores.

Enter promo code GIFTMU here to gift a first year of Marvel Unlimited for $55. If you’re not signed in or don’t have a Marvel account you will be prompted to sign in first or create an account. You will then be redirected to the gifting checkout page. Please contact @MarvelSupport for any questions. Learn more here!

Wield the Force with New Star Wars

Star Wars

The Mandalorian Season 2 finale got you in need of more adventures in a galaxy far, far away? Pick up STAR WARS: DARTH VADER VOL. 1: DARK HEART OF THE SITH, STAR WARS VOL. 1: THE DESTINY PATH, and STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS VOL. 1: GALAXY'S DEADLIEST!

The road to empyre

Marvel 80

Preview the love letter to the world's Mightiest Super Heroes here!

Marvel's Black Widow: The Official Movie Special Book

Black Widow

Experience the interviews with the stars and teams dedicated to bringing this brand new movie to life! Featuring interviews with the stars of the film: Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour, and Rachel Weisz, this behind the scenes book includes stunning photos and imagery from Marvel Studios' upcoming movie.

The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond

Wakanda Files

Unlock Shuri's knowledge and access a preview of The Wakanda Files here!

New Mutants Epic Collection: The Demon Bear Saga

New Mutants
Spider-Man: Miles Morales Omnibus  X-Men: Grand Design Omnibus  Fantastic Four: Grand Design  Young Avengers: The Complete Collection  Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis Omnibus Vol. 1  The Incredible Hulk by Peter David Omnibus  The Eternals: The Complete Saga Omnibus   Marvel Comics Mini-Books Collectible Boxed Set  Black Widow: The Complete Collection
X-Men: Grand Design Omnibus
Young Avengers: The Complete Collection
Daredevil by Brian Michael Bendis Omnibus Vol. 1

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