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Published October 26, 2018

In Need of Some Last Minute Marvel Halloween Costumes?

Our Earth's Mightiest Show hosts break down some DIY Halloween costumes!


Need a last minute Marvel-themed costume that you can pull off in 5 minutes with things you already have in your closet (or kitchen)?

Earth’s Mightiest Show hosts Lorraine Cink and Langston Belton dish 7 ridiculous (and easy) costumes you can DIY creatively in a pinch in the Bonus installment above. 

Below are the basic necessities but we recommend watching the video above for the full effect!


Marvel DIY Costume - Luke Cage

What You'll Need:

  • shaved head
  • yellow t-shirt
  • some leftover chains lying around


Marvel DIY Costume - Ironheart

What You'll Need:

  • red tank top
  • tap light
  • optional: tape


Marvel DIY Costume - Wolverine

What You'll Need:

  • flannel shirt
  • (plastic) butter knives


Marvel DIY Costume - Jubilee

What You'll Need:

  • yellow raincoat
  • yellow dishwashing gloves
  • Bonus: stick-on jewels


Marvel DIY Costume - Matt Murdock

What You'll Need:

  • suit
  • red sunglasses


Marvel DIY Costume - Jessica Jones

What You'll Need:

  • leather jacket
  • scarf
  • brown wig
  • Must: bad attitude


Marvel DIY Costume - Namor

What You'll Need:

  • green swim briefs
  • elf ears



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