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Published April 19, 2023

The 'Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game' Developer Update #1 Introduces New Character Sheet

Get an inside look at game development, plus an updated character sheet!

The 'Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game' Developer Update #1 Introduces New Character Sheet

Multiversal Marvelites! Thank you for all of your support and feedback during our open playtest period. With the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game: Core Rulebook releasing in less than four months, we want to give you an early look into the changes coming to the game and share some exciting new announcements. Introducing our DEVELOPER UPDATE series on!

Over the coming months, we will be updating you all with these blog posts to give you, our community and fans, an inside look at changes to the rules and our thought process behind the scenes.

The Marvel Multiverse RPG is going to be fun, fast, and action-packed. Players will be able to truly feel like Super Heroes as they play through the game. All of that starts with a clean, easy-to-read character sheet!

Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Character Sheet Page 1
Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Character Sheet #2

Based on your feedback, the new character sheets are designed to be easier to follow, so that players have everything they need to reference for play—right at your fingertips. We added more space for Powers (with a page number reference slot) to allow for more detailed note taking, and included a section for TEAM MANEUVERS, a new mechanic coming to the CORE RULEBOOK in August.

TEAM MANEUVERS allow you and your fellow group of Avengers to join forces when the going gets tough. Once per battle, if you and your group are within 5 spaces of each other, you can decide to team-up and activate a special ability. There are three categories of maneuvers: Offensive, Defensive, and Rally. Each member of the group must agree to use the Team Maneuver, which also requires a Focus spend from every player. However, choose wisely! Once a Team Maneuver is selected, it cannot be changed unless the team is in a safe space, like their headquarters.

Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Team Maneuvers

Ability scores, non-combat checks, and damage are now quickly accessible and simple to read on the left side of the sheet. And since every player uses their sheet differently, we’ve added a NOTES section to give players more flexibility. Whether you specialize in a specific element or have a signature weapon, you will be able to keep everything organized on just one single page. To top it off, the new fillable character sheets are available for download now! So head to and give the new sheets a try. 

Stay tuned for the next Developer Update where we will explore the changes to Powers!

Have a specific question you want to see answered in future updates? Head to and use the new submission box at the bottom of the page to submit your questions.

The 'Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Core Rulebook' is releasing August 2nd, 2023, and is currently available for pre-order now.


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