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Published June 3, 2020

New Activities and Rewards Coming to Marvel Insider in June, Including Marvel Contest of Champions

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We're hitting the reset button in June and bringing you a big list of new Marvel Insider Activities and Rewards! Marvel Contest of Champions is kicking off with a brand new gaming challenge and bonus bundles, and new titles are becoming available for digital comics purchases. So keep an eye out for chances to earn Insider points and redeem for Insider-exclusive rewards!

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Compete in Marvel Contest of Champions Samurai's Journey
EARN: +10,000 Insider Points (Beginner Level)
EARN: +30,000 Insider Points (Normal Level)
EARN: +50,000 Insider Points (Heroic Level)

Gamers of all levels, we challenge you! Marvel Contest of Champions just announced their latest contest, Samurai's Journey, available until 7/1/20. Head over to Marvel Insider to choose your level (Beginner, Normal, Heroic) and start earning those points! All levels are free to play.

Marvel Insider Gaming Challenge Marvel Contest of Champions Samurai's Journey


Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider (2019) #5
EARN: +1,000 Insider Points by purchasing the issue


Cosmic Ghost Rider launches a one-man war as Cammi’s soul is dragged to hell! But as Cosmic Ghost Rider battles through the underworld to save her, he’ll discover that there’s something more dangerous than damnation lurking in the inferno…Don’t miss out as the explosive creative team of Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum and Scott Hepburn raises hell in this epic series finale!

Marvel Insider Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider (2019) #5


Score some sweet rewards from playing Marvel Contest of Champions this month! You can pick up this Hit-Monkey Starter Bundle, which comes with 1x 2-Star Hit-Monkey, 5x Tier 2 Basic Catalyst, 5x Tier 2 Class Catalyst Crystal, 5x Tier 3 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal, 5x Small Energy Refill, and 5,000x Gold!

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions Hit-Monkey Starter Bundle

If you're ready for the ultimate booster pack, pick up the Marvel Contest of Champions Tigra Questing Bundle! Includes 1x 3-Star Tigra, 3x Tier 1 Alpha Catalyst, 5x Tier 3 Basic Catalyst, 9,000x Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments, 3x Energy Refill, and 15,000x Gold. 

Marvel Insider Marvel Contest of Champions Tigra Questing Bundle

That's not all! We're only JUST getting started with new Insider Activties and Rewards for keep signing into your Marvel Insider account to learn about upcoming limited-time offers and ways to earn additional Insider points. Check back next week for another round of challenges and rewards, filled with exclusive Marvel bonuses!

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