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Published October 6, 2020

Marvel and Tough Mudder Team Up For A Digital Fitness Experience

Join Tough Mudder Challenges: Marvel Edition today!

Stretch and suit up because Marvel has teamed up with Tough Mudder to bring participants a digital fitness adventure built to push boundaries physically and mentally — and find your power! 

With the Tough Mudder Challenges series, participants will complete a series of physical, mental and skill-based challenges over the course of 21-days, tracking their progress in a bespoke digital platform, and supporting other participants from around the world in conquering their fitness goals. 

Tough Mudder and Marvel’s collaboration challenges participants to dig deep and release their inner super powers - saying goodbye to reality and diving into the ever-expanding Marvel Universe. Tough Mudder Challenges: Marvel Edition will feature activities inspired by the adventures of the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and many more. From shrinking down to the size of Ant-Man to running laps around NYC, traveling to Wakanda and climbing Mount Bashenga or channeling Black Widow, Captain Marvel, and Thor in an epic 1,400 rep workout — these challenges will prove Super Heroic for all who take them on.

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Wondering what it takes to crush the challenges? Speed, strength, agility, stamina, overcoming fears, finding mental toughness, and uncovering one’s leadership skills — but no actual powers required! The four overall challenges for Tough Mudder: Marvel Edition include:

  • Ant-Man’s Block Party: a distance challenge 
  • Black Panther’s Mount Bashenga: an elevation challenge 
  • Marvel Mania: a rep challenge
  • Searching for the Infinity Stones: a fun “bobbing for” activity 

But that’s not all! If you’re looking to supplement each week of the challenge, additional tasks for Week 1 include: 

  • Fantastic Four Hero Carry: a carry challenge 
  • Rocket’s Refreshments: a dare challenge
  • Avengers Tower: a stairs challenge 
  • Black Widow’s Balancing Act: a balance challenge
tough mudder

Participants are able to earn unique Marvel / Tough Mudder co-branded finisher gear, including a Marvel / Tough Mudder signature headband and commemorative challenge coin, part of a complete set of six coins participants are able to earn for completing Challenges from July through December. 

For more information, head over to to sign up, find more challenges, and begin training! The last day to register is October 27, 2020.

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Join Tough Mudder Challenges: Marvel Edition today!

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