Published March 25, 2021

Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Odin

Odin and his son, Thor, defend Asgard from threats of otherworldly origins.


Odin is the King of Asgard and All-Father to numerous formidable Asgardian Gods. However, Odin is the most powerful of the Asgardians, possessing a vast cosmic energy source called the Odinforce. This power is so great that Odin must enter a coma-like state called Odinsleep to recover from its overwhelming strength. As protector of the Nine Realms, Odin and his son, Thor, defend Asgard from threats of otherworldly origins. Now he’s the latest to join the roster in Marvel Contest of Champions!

Odin taps into his Odinforce to gain a variety of powerful Buffs, improving his other abilities for each of his unique Buffs. Odin also takes advantage of bulkier Opponents by scaling his damage with his Opponent’s Max Health. To strengthen himself, Odin can enter Odinsleep between fights to receive bonus Buffs. To strengthen his allies, he can grant Asgardian Relics to his allies.

As a character class Cosmic, Odin’s basic abilities include Odinforce, Fury, Armor, Energize, True Strike, Block Proficiency, All-Father Odin’s Vault. 

Odin three special attacks and one signature attack. Using Spear of Legends, on activation, gain a True Strike Buff, ignoring Armor, Resistances, Auto-Block and Evade effects for 7 second(s). Odinforce: On activation, gain a Bulwark Buff, increasing Block Proficiency by 700 for 7 second(s). Max 1 stack(s).

Unleashing Lightning Strike, on activation, pause the duration of all Buffs on Odin until the Special Attack ends. The last hit deals a burst of Direct Damage for each of Odin’s unique Buffs. Each dealing 2.75% of the Opponent’s Max Health, up to 11600. Odinforce: On activation, refresh the duration of all personal Buffs on Odin.

And with Judgment, Gain a copy of all personal Buffs Odin has gained at any time during the fight. Odinforce: Gain an Extend Buff, increasing the duration of all Buffs by 25% for 15 second(s). Max 1 stack(s).

Odin’s signature ability, Protector of Nine Realms, when either Odin or his Opponent are knocked down, if the Opponent has any of the following Buffs, Odin gains a corresponding Buff, lasting 7 second(s). Max 1 stack(s) each: Fury Buff, increasing Attack Rating by 646.5. Armor Up Buff, increasing Armor Rating by 899.99. Resist Physical Buff, increasing Physical Resistance by 700. Resist Energy Buff, increasing Energy Resistance by 700. Critical Resistance Buff, increasing Critical Resistance by 370.59.

Odin’s recommended masteries include Dexterity and Perfect Block + Block Proficiency. Odin’s strengths are Giant Slayer and Buff Variety. 

Odin is available for downloading now on Marvel Contest of Champions on iOS and Android devices!

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