Published August 8, 2023

Marvel Contest of Champions v41.0 Release Notes Introduce Photon and Vox

Photon and Vox enter the Contest! Watch for the Vanishing Point in the new Champion Reveal trailer!

Marvel Contest of Champions v41.0 Release Notes Introduce Photon and Vox

Marvel Contest of Champions is about to make you see things differently...Photon and Vox join the Contest and fight for the Vanishing Point!

Read on for the latest v41.0 Release Notes to find out what's in store for August!



Vanishing Point

Reed Richards and Galan scramble to plant a World Seed on Battleworld, in the hopes that a new World Tree will produce enough planets to satiate the world-devourer's hunger. Miles above them, Nova recruits Photon alongside several heroes from his past to form a new Nova Corps and give Reed and Galan some support.

However, the Kree have become aware of the heroes' plan, and wish to take the newly-born World Tree for themselves. With Vox, their new Super-Inhuman weapon, they just might have the upper hand. Will our heroes' combined strength be enough to protect the World Tree, or will The Contest, and everything in it, be consumed by the terror that is Galactus? Find out in Vanishing Point!

Photon and Vox Enter The Contest

Monica Rambeau was a harbor patrol officer in the Navy when she was bombarded with extra-dimensional energy, allowing her to convert her body mass into any form of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. She has since led the Avengers (ask her about it) and fought Galactus, going by the names Captain Marvel (before Carol Danvers ever used the title) and Spectrum along the way before settling on Photon.

The Vox are a race of genetically engineered Super-Inhumans built by the Kree to send one message to the Inhumans of Earth: JOIN OR DIE. Each Vox is reconstructed out of a brainwashed Inhuman and possesses a deadly collection of their combined abilities. Above all, the Vox’s most dangerous feature is their lack of humanity. They cannot be swayed or tricked or bought, for they want nothing but their enemies' hearts to stop beating.

Marvel Contest of Champions v41.0 Release Notes Introduce Photon and Vox

Contest of Legends

As the Champions gather to celebrate their many victories within The Contest, Guillotine notices a strange occurrence within The Battlerealm. The potent memories of fights-gone-by have manifested into new challenging encounters known as Legendary Incursions!

Summoners will be tasked with earning Top Zone rewards by fighting through various Incursions Mode Threat Levels!

Battlerealm Brawl

The road to Battlerealm Brawl starts this August in Battlegrounds. Between August 9th and September 6th, players competing in Season 10 of Battlegrounds will also compete to qualify for the Battlerealm Brawl.

The Top 8 Summoners on the Gladiator Circuit leaderboard that meet the criteria listed below and in our Official Rules and Regulations at the end of the Season will qualify to move on to the Quarter Finals in Vancouver on October 20th, 2023!

See here for more details on how to participate!

Champion Updates

Balance updates for Absorbing Man and Baron Zemo arrive in The Contest! Check out their Champion Spotlights for more Information.


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