Published July 20, 2018

Marvel Games and Netmarble Announce Marvel Future Fight Official Soundtrack Including Song for K-Pop Hero Luna Snow

The Marvel Future Fight OST is available now!

This weekend marks a huge weekend for Marvel Games! Following their first-ever Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Games and developer Netmarble Monster announced the launch of the epic Marvel Future Fight official soundtrack album, available for purchase now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and other digital music download stores.

Marvel Future Fight Original Soundtrack Album features original scores from Jaewook Kang, Moonju Lee and the Netmarble Monster Sound Team. The original soundtrack album has scores for some of the most epic scenes from the hit mobile game including the arrival of the X-Men, the battle on Jotunheim, as well as the hit track written for the K-Pop singer Luna Snow, who debuted earlier this year in the game.

Track Listing includes:

  • The Fight for the Future Begins Now! – Jaewook Kang
  • What Is Going On – Jaewook Kang
  • A.I.M. Infiltration – Jaewook Kang
  • Hidden Agenda – Jaewook Kang
  • ANTidote – Jaewook Kang
  • The Dark Star from the Skies – Jaewook Kang
  • A Quiet Storm – Jaewook Kang
  • Battleworld – Jaewook Kang
  • Timeline Battle – Jaewook Kang
  • The Wrath of Jotunheim – Jaewook Kang
  • A.I.M. for Victory – Jaewook Kang
  • Unveiling the Truth – Jaewook Kang
  • Rooftop Fight – Jaewook Kang
  • Brace for Impact – Jaewook Kang
  • The Big Resistance – Jaewook Kang
  • ANTicipation – Jaewook Kang
  • After the Storm – Moonju Lee
  • The Arrival of X-Men – Moonju Lee
  • Hidden City of Orollan – Moonju Lee
  • The Dark Side of the Moon – Moonju Lee
  • Aboard the a.F.S.S. – Moonju Lee
  • Triskellion Under Attack – Moonju Lee
  • Journey for Mystic Arts – Moonju Lee
  • Dark Dimension – Moonju Lee
  • Mansion Under Attack – Moonju Lee
  • Taking Back S.H.I.E.L.D. – Moonju Lee
  • Battle for New Attilan – Moonju Lee
  • The Sorcerer Supreme – Moonju Lee
  • Age of Apocalypse – Moonju Lee
  • Rise of the X-Men – Moonju Lee
  • Alpha Flight Space Station – Moonju Lee
  • The Black Order – Moonju Lee
  • A Perilous Path – Moonju Lee
  • Mission Accomplished – Jaewook Kang
  • Villain Siege – Jaewook Kang
  • Mission Briefing – Jaewook Kang
  • Hydra Infiltration – Jaewook Kang
  • Shadowland – Jaewook Kang
  • The Hand – Moonju Lee
  • Apocalyptic Future – Moonju Lee
  • Hail Hydra! – Jaewook Kang
  • Saving the Galaxy – Jaewook Kang
  • STARK Tower – Jaewook Kang
  • The Battle for Wakanda – Moonju Lee
  • Night Shift – Jaewook Kang
  • The Battle for Jotunheim – Jaewook Kang
  • Necropolis – Moonju Lee
  • The Battle for Manhattan – Jaewook Kang
  • Fighting for Legacy – Moonju Lee
  • A.I.M. Advanced Carrier – Jaewook Kang
  • Secret Briefing – Moonju Lee
  • Fight for Another Day – Jaewook Kang
  • Luna Snow <Tonight> –  Netmarble Monster Sound Team
  • Luna Snow <Tonight> (Instrumental) –  Netmarble Monster Sound Team

Below, Marvel Games Senior Producer Danny Koo is joined by the Netmarble Sound Team (from left to right) in the image below: Jaewook Kang, Taehyeon Kim, and Moonju Lee. 

Future Fight OST team

Be sure to listen to a sampling of the Marvel Future Fight Original Soundtrack Album above and download the OST from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play right now!



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