Published January 25, 2024

'MARVEL Puzzle Quest' Announces New Character Poll for 2024

Cast your votes before January 31st! Vote now and see your favorite characters join MARVEL Puzzle Quest as 4-Star Characters!

'MARVEL Puzzle Quest' Announces New Character Poll for 2024

Be a part of MARVEL Puzzle Quest's decade long history and help us usher in the newest set of characters that will cap off this momentous milestone! Let us know your top 3 characters that you would like to see as the next 4-Star additions to the roster.

Vote now in the New Character Poll 2024 that runs until January 31! Winners will be announced shortly afterwards. Players can submit their vote at this link: 

Voting will be open until January 31st at 3PM PST / 6PM EST. Not sure who to vote for? Take a look at the candidates below!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Black King (Sebastian Shaw)

Black King (Sebastian Shaw)

Sebastian Shaw was born to a poor family in Pittsburgh, but by his twenties had built a financial empire. Shaw Industries enjoyed many ties to the U.S. government, producing weapons for the military agencies. Among the company's defense contracts was the assignment to upgrade the Sentinel robots.

The tycoon was invited to join the elite Hellfire Club and quickly worked his way into a position within the Inner Circle. Shaw ousted the White King, then-current leader of the Circle, when the King failed in his plans to use the Circle to back Dr. Stephen Lang's first creation of the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots. Shaw became the Black King and leader of the Inner Circle and Hellfire Club. He was always accompanied by Tessa, his loyal and enigmatic aide, although in recent years she was revealed to have been a plant used by Professor X to keep tabs on Shaw and the developing Sentinel technology.

Read all about Black King (Sebastian Shaw) in IMMORTAL X-MEN (2022) #6

AN A.X.E. TIE-IN! Judgment comes and the Quiet Council grows suspiciously quiet. An exception: Do you think a man so devoted to the Hellfire cares one jot? Let's find out.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Bob, Agent of Hydra

Bob, Agent of Hydra

A cowardly young man, Bob was persuaded into joining the criminal organization Hydra by his wife, Allison, who accused him of not being able to hold a steady job. The thought of a stable career with a dental plan also appealed to Bob, though he was disappointed to find out Hydra does not offer full dental like A.I.M.. During Deadpool's assault on Hydra to rescue the captured Agent X, he ran into Bob and coerced him into helping him. Bob was hesitant, as Hydra would not allow him back into the organization having betrayed them, but the (currently four-inch tall) Deadpool tortured him with a security card until he relented. He then forced Bob to fly them to safety in one of Hydra's jets, though Bob did not know how to pilot an aircraft.

After Deadpool, Agent X, and Bob returned to the United States, they found Outlaw and Sandi missing. Bob accompanied Deadpool on his mission to save the girls and subsequently became an honorary member of Agency X. He continues to work with the group on their various missions, and is referred to as Deadpool's "Pet" (or "Minion", because that is "more PC").

Read all about Bob, Agent of Hydra in DEADPOOL MAX 2 (2011) #1

Because YOU demanded it Deadpool MAX returns for another round of anarchy, insanity and involuntary Armageddon. After rooting out a shadowy government conspiracy Deadpool and Bob set out to stop it...and totally futz it up. Now they stand accused of killing a quarter of a million people. Everyone hates them and wants them dead. They are now the world's most wanted terrorists. How do you stay alive, stay sane and clear your name when you've got the entire world hunting you down and saying horrible things about you on TV?

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith)

Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith)

When Tabitha Smith's mutant nature manifested at age 13, she ran away from her abusive home. After an encounter with the otherdimensional Beyonder, Smith was recruited into the Vanisher's band of thieves, the Fallen Angels. Briefly taken in by the X-Factor group as a trainee, Smith soon returned to the Fallen Angels only to rejoin her former fellow trainees as the X-Terminators.

Read all about Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith) in NEW MUTANTS (2019) #4:

The team has reached the Shi'ar Galaxy only to find the empire in turmoil! Deathbird returns and she won't let Bobby and Sam get in the way of what she wants!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Kid Colt and Arizona Girl (Western Duo)

Kid Colt & Arizona Girl (Western Duo)

Read all about Kid Colt and Arizona Girl in MARVEL WESTERNS (2006) #2:

When wild west gunfighters with a reputation for shootin' first and askin' questions later, Kid Colt and Arizona Annie, take a job escorting a stage coach through dangerous Apache territory, they come upon a town stranger than any the west has seen. It doesn't take long before Annie and the Kid find themselves in hot water with the locals and runnin' low on bullets. And that's when things get really weird!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Maximus

Maximus (Inhuman Royal)

Mad but brilliant, Maximus has spent his life trying to take the Inhumans’ throne from his brother Black Bolt. Despite his intelligence, his grudge and insanity have only caused the oft-imprisoned Inhuman pain and frustration.

Read all about Maximus in REALM OF KINGS: INHUMANS (2009) #4:

No one ever told the Inhumans that ruling the Kree Empire would be easy. Assailed from all sides by threats foreign and domestic, the Royal Family battles to maintain order and retain the throne.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Paste-Pot Pete (Peter Petruski)

Paste-Pot Pete (Peter Petruski)

Peter Petruski was working as a research chemist in New York City when he invented an extremely adhesive "multi-polymer" liquid. Creating a paste-gun and calling himself Paste-Pot Pete, he decided to use his invention to commit crimes. Each time he was defeated by the Human Torch—from his initial attempt at stealing a top-secret army missile, to joining forces with the Wizard. Finally jailed, he was given a parole when he helped the Avengers with a solvent to free the city from Baron Heinrich Zemo’s Adhesive X. Using his freedom to develop better weaponry, he was still defeated by the Human Torch and the Thing.

For the first time since his unique discovery, Petruski found success as a member of the Frightful Four, which the Wizard founded with Petruski, the Sandman, and Medusa, in order to defeat the Fantastic Four. The Frightful Four attempted to use the Wizard's anti-grav discs to send the Fantastic Four-minus the Torch-into space, but Johnny appeared after being alerted by Alicia Masters, and forced the Wizard to help him save his teammates. Then, together, the Fantastic Four defeated the Frightful Four until the Sandman and the Wizard exploded the Wizard's ship as a distraction, and the four criminals escaped. After this, along with the Wizard’s help on several new projectile weapons and traps, Petruski developed his Trapster codename.

Read all about Paste-Pot Pete (Peter Petruski) in THE HUMAN TORCH (1974) #4!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Purple Man (Zebediah Kilgrave)

Purple Man (Zebediah Kilgrave)

Zebediah Killgrave does not attack his enemies with brute force, or advanced weaponry, or alien allies. He simply uses his mind and the mind of his foe—or victim. Able to manipulate, brainwash, and control his targets from afar, the villain weaponizes his victims against themselves.

Also known as the Purple Man, Killgrave harnesses trauma, doubt, and fear among his foes as a means to his malicious ends.

Read all about Purple Man (Zebediah Kilgrave) in JESSICA JONES (2016) #16:

RETURN OF THE PURPLE MAN PART 4. Never in the history of Marvel Comics has a horror so true and all-encompassing found its way to the door of one of our heroes. How can Jessica Jones and family survive the return of the Purple Man?

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Sauron (Karl Lykos)

Sauron (Karl Lykos)

While on an expedition to Tierra del Fuego, geneticist/psychologist Dr. Karl Lykos was bitten by a mutated pterodactyl from the prehistoric Savage Land which infected him with a genetic virus that forced upon him the need to drain the life energy of others to survive. Lykos eventually became a hypnotherapist, and constructed a device to help drain his patients’ energies. After absorbing the energy of the mutant Havok, Lykos was transformed for the first time into the pterodactyl-like Sauron.

Read all about Sauron (Karl Lykos) in X-MEN UNLIMITED (1993) #6

Cyclops and Jean Grey must travel abroad…to the Savage Land! But are they prepared for who they will encounter?!

MARVEL Puzzle Quest (Mortimer Toynbee)

Toad (Mortimer Toynbee)

British-born Mortimer Toynbee was abandoned by his parents so early in childhood that he cannot remember them. He was placed in an orphanage where the other children, who regarded him as a freak due to his ugliness, his unusual physique, and his leaping ability, continually tormented him. Toynbee was so traumatized by his loneliness and the continual abuse he received that it affected his learning abilities. The teachers and administrators in the orphanage therefore regarded Toynbee as mentally impaired, even though, in actuality, he was of normal intelligence. So desperate did Toynbee become for affection that he developed a pathetically subservient personality, and would unquestioningly obey anyone he thought sincerely cared about him.

At some point after achieving adulthood, Toynbee was discovered by Magneto and recruited for his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Magneto gave Toynbee the alias of the Toad because of Toynbee's powers, appearance, and personality. The Toad blinded himself to Magneto's continual verbal and physical abuse because Magneto was out to conquer the human race that had rejected the Toad.

Read all about Toad (Mortimer Toynbee) in ASTONISHING X-MEN (2017) #3 (Sanford Greene Variant Cover)

SHADOW KING SHOWDOWN! The X-Men continue their fight against the Shadow King! But when Old Man Logan loses himself in the Astral Plane and Shadow King's illusions, will he ever find his way back to his teammates? And what other horrors await our team?

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Wizard (Bentley Wittman)

Wizard (Bentley Wittman)

Bentley Wittman grew up possessing near-superhuman levels of genius and, as an adult, became an inventor of great renown, selling his futuristic inventions to the wealthy and becoming quite rich. He became known as the Wizard by legally assuming this stage name and using his advanced scientific inventions to perform feats of "magic".

Intellectually bored, however, he decided to defeat Johnny Storm, who had just appeared to the world as the Human Torch. Pretending to be a victim, he was rescued by the Torch and invited him to his high-tech, futuristic mansion on Long Island where he captured the Torch with ease. The Wizard then impersonated the Torch, launching a crime spree to destroy the Torch’s reputation, before being captured by the Fantastic Four and sent to prison.

The Wizard clashed many more times with the Human Torch until the conclusion of one encounter sent him flying uncontrollably upward by one of his anti-gravity discs, unable to descend safely. He was rescued by two other adversaries of the Torch: the Sandman and Paste-Pot Pete (soon after, the Trapster). After he suggested they team up, a suggestion by the Trapster inspired him to form a team that would be a criminal counterpart to the Fantastic Four, with himself, his two rescuers, and Medusa, who was then suffering from amnesia; becoming the Frightful Four.

Read all about Wizard (Bentley Wittman) in FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #78:

Reed Richards succeeds in reverting Ben Grimm back to normal...and now, the Thing is no more! But the timing couldn't be worse—the Wizard launches an attack on the FF, and the team is without its primary muscle! Plus, dangerous complications threaten Sue's pregnancy!


The choice is yours! Who will you pick for MARVEL Puzzle Quest's Fan Favorite Poll 2024?


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