Published June 21, 2023

MARVEL Strike Force v7.2 Update Hails the Arrival of the Bifrost Team

Introducing the newest MARVEL Strike Force original character, Vahl!

MARVEL Strike Force v7.2 Update Hails the Arrival of the Bifrost Team

MARVEL Strike Force's fourth original character is crossing the Rainbow Bridge to arrive soon and strike down foes with the Bifrost team: Vahl!

Read on for the latest v7.2 release notes!

New Characters and Updates

Reinforce your roster with new playable characters: Super Skrull, Vahl, Sylvie, Beta Ray Bill, Loki (Teen), and Spider-Man (Big Time)!

Check out the latest episode of Strike Time to see how these heroes come together!

Bifrost Team

Courtesy of different Asgards from across the multiverse, the Bifrost team arrives to smite the Mystic Lanes in Incursion Raids and the Incursion: Bifrost special event. This mighty team consists of the next MARVEL Strike Force original character, Vahl, fellow newcomers Beta Ray Bill, Sylvie, and Loki (Teen), along with the original God of Mischief himself: Loki!

MARVEL Strike Force Super-Skrull

Super Skrull

Waiting in the shadows to be freed at the end of the Dark Dimension 6 is Kl'rt—the Super Skrull! This formidable Skrull warrior can emulate all of the superpowers of the Fantastic Four and features the new battle mechanic: Exposed.

MARVEL Strike Force Spider-Man (Big Time)

Spider-Man (Big Time)

Swinging onto the new Infestation team with his slick high-tech suit is Spider-Man (Big Time). This new wall-crawler along with the Infestation team specialize in being pests for Helicarrier intruders on Alliance War Defense. The rest of the team arrives in the next major version release, but in the meantime, listen to your spidey-sense and recruit Spider-Man (Big Time)!


Ability and Stat Improvements

Check out the details below for updates to Loki to power him up for his new role on the Bifrost team.


New Costume

  • Cyclops - Astonishing X-Men


Can't-Miss Events

Bifrost Showcases and Epic Event

Journey across the Rainbow Bridge to take on the upcoming Bifrost Showcases and Epic Event! Ready your Bifrost team for the Incursion Mystic Raid lane with Showcases for Vahl, Loki (Teen), Beta Ray Bill, and Sylvie, culminating with the "Changing the Story" Epic Event.

Stand Proud, Together

Celebrate Pride Month with this Alliance unifying event with rewards featuring some of Marvel's most iconic LGBTQ characters.

New Features, Updates, and More

Dark Dimension VI

A new realm has been discovered in the Dark Dimension and only the strongest Commanders will survive. Enter if you dare the greatest challenge to your roster to date for a chance to return with Gear Tier 18 pieces and a powerful new ally: Super Skrull! For a full rundown of Dark Dimension VI and Super Skrull, make sure you check out our recent blog.

The Nexus Hard Campaigns

Stock up on valuable Augmented Gear pieces and shards for top characters with Chapters 1 and 2 of The Nexus Hard Campaigns.

New Teal Origin Challenges

Put the strength of your roster on display with new Challenge tiers with rewards to help you stock up on even more valuable Augmented Origin Gear.

Cosmic Crucible Results Update

You can now view Trial results before the end of a Trial after you've completed all of your attack attempts.

Iso-8 Campaign Energy

The maximum amount of Iso-8 Campaign Energy that can be automatically earned is being increased to from 120 to 150.

Raid Keys Update

Raid Keys will soon be earned automatically and will no longer require spending Campaign Energy. Each day, you'll receive a lump sum of Raid Keys (up to the maximum allowed) to launch a Raid.

Equip Multiple Gear Tiers at Once

Save time (and your finger muscles) by equipping multiple Gear Tiers at once! When on a character's screen, tap "Upgrade" to go to Gear Tier Upgrade menu. Use the slider to select how many Gear Tiers to upgrade and then tap "Upgrade" to complete the process.

Improvements to Reward Management

Continuing our efforts to make managing your rewards much easier, all Inbox messages delivered to the Rewards tab will now be automatically claimed whenever you’re on the Home screen or viewing the Rewards tab. If you’re ever curious about all the rewards that you've claimed automatically, you can visit the Rewards tab to see everything that has been claimed since the last time you’ve viewed the tab. You can also still view all the individual rewards messages as you could before, and any that contained rewards in the summary pop-up will be marked with a “NEW” flag. As a result of this update, we've removed the "Show Claimed" checkbox as it's no longer needed.

We've also made updates to some Milestone and S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass rewards so there is less of a feeling to have to manage those claims. Raid Season Milestones moving forward will have their credits redistributed to the rewards at the end of Raids, and the Raid Credits previously in milestones have been updated to Raid Orb Fragments. Future Blitz Milestones with Blitz Credits will be updated to Blitz Orb Fragments, and Blitz Credits awarded from wins have been significantly increased. Isotope-8 Campaign Energy rewarded in the S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass has now been added to the Daily Web Reward Milestone.

Claim All Milestones on

Unclaimed web milestone event rewards may now be claimed simultaneously with a single tap of the “Claim All” button.

Sync Your Alliance on

The Alliance page on will soon be reflective of your in-game Alliance and Alliance roster.

Keep an eye out for future improvements to the Alliances page later this year, including the ability to send alliance invitations directly from, better alliance management tools, improved matchmaking between alliances and prospective members, and more!


Bug Fixes

  • The maximum number of Auto Simulations for Isotope-8 Campaign nodes has been lowered back to x10. The maximum number of attempts will remain at 20.
  • Tapping and holding the Battlefield Effect icons on the enemy side of the battlefield now display the effect details.
  • The brightness for the Incursion Raids background has been reduced and improved.
  • The Teal Epic Orb is now displaying correctly in the Orb Chamber.
  • The Supplies Store will now correctly bring you to your last position in the Store and no longer visually display scrolling or motion.
  • Quicksilver's Health stat was not being correctly updated after equipping a gear piece.
  • Apocalypse now only receives Defense Up when his Health drops below 50% if his Passive Ability, "The First Mutant" has been upgraded to Level 6.
  • Smoothed over visual issues with Thor (Infinity War)'s Stormbreaker that occurred when he was Stunned and on his Victory Screen.


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