Published August 20, 2020

'Marvel's Avengers': What You Need to Know About AIM

Get your first look at the game's Monica Rappaccini!

Back in June, during the first WAR TABLE, Marvel Games, Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics released the story trailer (watch below) revealing the central villain of Marvel's Avengers is Dr. George Tarleton.

In a brand new featurette (see above), the team behind the game give us an behind-the-scenes look at the making of AIM, and its two integral leaders, Tarleton, who later evolves into MODOK, and Monica Rappaccini, ahead of the upcoming release of Marvel's Avengers, available on September 4!

"We want people to want to fight AIM, but at the same time, we also really really want you to love AIM ," explained Jeff Adams, associate art director at Crystal Dynamics.

"Many Marvel fans know what Hydra is," said Bill Rosemann, vp & creative director at Marvel Games. "Hydra is all about using military might to conquer. AIM is all about science."

"AIM starts off very noble, " added Shaun Escayg, creative director at Crystal Dynamics. "They believe that they can offer the world an alternative to the Super Heroes."

In Marvel's Avengers, the game begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco — including the reveal of their own helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source. The celebration turns deadly when a catastrophic accident results in massive devastation at the hands of Taskmaster and his mercenaries. As a result, they're blamed for the tragedy and painted as villains. The Avengers disband, and Heroes are outlawed.

In the five years since, a new evil threat has emerged: AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics). During the events of A-Day, many people were affected by the Terrigen mist from the reactor explosion. AIM feels that those affected must be cured. A growing public sentiment is shaped that Super Heroes are dangerous and if left unchecked, they could wreak more havoc than good. AIM wants to define mankind’s future with reason, with logic. AIM believes that science, not Super Heroes, will save the world. This devout purity to science will make the world a safer, stronger place; which also means Super Heroes can’t be left to roam freely.

"At AIM, it's all about science and logic," stated Scot Amos, head of studio at Crystal Dynamics. "It doesn't make sense to have these people who are above everyone else so we should neutralize that. That makes a dangerous world for the Avengers."

Rosemann goes on to reveal, "To the public, AIM is helpful and they're bring tomorrow's technology today. But then, as you investigate things with Kamala and the Avengers, and you go to some of the AIM headquarters, that's where you start getting into the black heart of AIM."

"To make sure that AIM is as insidious as they should be, we really studied their first appearance," continued Rosemann. Interested in learning about the comics connection of AIM and MODOK to Marvel's Avengers? Discover how Dr. George Tarleton became the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing with this comics guide from Rosemann.

The history of the science-based organization from the source comics heavily influenced the designs of AIM and their ideals in the game.

The new behind-the-scenes featurette gives you a first look (and talent reveals!) at some of the founders of AIM — George Tarleton and Monica Rappaccini!

"George Tarleton is a very complex character," explained Escayg. "He truly believes in a world protected by science."

 "He finds the Avengers to be very dangerous," stated Usman Ally, who voices George Tarleton in Marvel's Avengers. "Power that is unchecked and unregulated like that is a dangerous thing, and so he wants to put checks and balances on that sort of thing. You may not agree with his methods, but at least if you can understand where he's coming from, for me, that's a victory."

The featurette gives fans the first look at Monica Rappaccini's designs within the game as well as a primer of who the second-in-command leader of AIM is. "Where George is very reserved, Monica is much more assertive," revealed Rosemann.

Voicing Monica Rappaccini in the game is Jolene Andersen. Speaking on her character, "Monica's issue with the Super Heroes really is they just sort of stand in her way," contextualized Andersen. "All that matters to her are her experiments with the Inhumans."

"When they try to sort of stop her from doing that, that is her big conflict," continued Andersen. "She means well, but then maybe not so much...."

Marvel's Avengers wants players to question what are the dangers of science, how technology can be a positive thing, and how it can be a negative force.

This weekend is the last weekend to play the Marvel's Avengers Beta, learn more about it here.

Marvel’s Avengers will release simultaneously for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC on September 4!

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M.O.D.O.K.: Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing. As the brainchild of Advanced Idea Mechanics, (A.I.M.), M.O.D.O.K. has long terrorized Marvel heroes with his computer-like mind and psionic powers. Discover the weird science of M.O.D.O.K., or forever submit to his will.


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