Published January 31, 2024

Symbiote Invasion Takes Over 'MARVEL Strike Force' with New Hive-Mind Team

Void Knight and Gwenom join the powerful new Hive-Mind team!

Symbiote Invasion Takes Over 'MARVEL Strike Force' with New Hive-Mind Team

Symbiotes are taking over MARVEL Strike ForceGwen Stacy and the Silver Surfer have bonded with Symbiotes, transforming them into Gwenom and Void Knight!


Courtesy of the planet Klyntar, a Symbiote invasion is bursting onto the scene and forming the powerful new Hive-Mind team. Void Knight and Gwenom are bonding with the updated veterans Venom and Carnage to form the initial team and a powerful fifth member, Red Goblin, will join during the Version 7.7 Release. This squad of Symbiotes (and their hosts) specializes in feasting upon Bio Raid Lanes—especially in the new Incursion Raid II—so wrap your tendrils around this squad to gain major progress and rewards during your Raid missions.

Void Knight

MARVEL Strike Force Void Knight

Zenn-La astronomer Norrin Radd bargained with the world-eater Galactus to become his herald in exchange for sparing his home planet. Galactus transformed Radd into the Silver Surfer, endowing Radd with the Power Cosmic, which granted him superhuman abilities and Cosmic energy manipulation. After a defeat in battle, Silver Surfer discovered "All-Silver," a sister Symbiote to "All-Black". Bonding with Silver Surfer created a powerful, new host-symbiote pair: Void Knight.

Void Knight is a Support for the Hive-Mind team, but this Symbiote isn't your typical squad sustainer. On top of atomizing enemies with high Damage attacks, he steals Ability Energy from enemies, while also generating Ability Energy for allies. Void Knight also controls the battle by pulling enemies together into a convenient pile for easy attacks, flipping their effects, and applying Ability Block.

His abilities become even more powerful in Raids, but Void Knight's strongest Raid ability is preventing enemies from gaining Immunity, which allows his teammates to tear through Raid waves with their negative effects.



MARVEL Strike Force Gwenom

After losing her powers, Gwen Stacy sought out the help of crime Kingpin Matt Murdock and his scientist Elsa Brock. Brock combined the mutagenic Lizard serum with isotopes to form a version of the Venom symbiote, dubbed "Gwenom". Gwen bonded with Elsa Brock's symbiote, restoring her abilities, but leading to an internal struggle to fend off the symbiote's penchant for violence.

Gwenom is a high Damage Brawler for Hive-Mind who allows her allies to dig their Symbiote incisors into enemies by controlling the battle. On top of the standard clobbering that a Brawler doles out, she generates Ability Energy for Hive-Mind allies and infects foes with powerful negative effects like Defense Down, Stun, and Offense Down. Gwenom also helps keep her Hive-Mind allies in the battle by healing them on each of her turns.



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