Published June 14, 2019

All-New Spider-Man Collectibles on Their Way from Hot Toys

Get a look at new Venom, 'Marvel's Spider-Man', and 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' items coming soon!

As we've all been waiting with bated breath to see the new shape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in July 2's Spider-Man: Far From Home, Hot Toys has been working hard at bringing all sorts of Spidey goodies to collectors! 

You can see the results of all that work in the 1/6th scale Spider-Man Collectible Figure (Movie Promo Edition) based on the film!

Hot Toys Spider-Man

This figures stands just under a foot tall and is completely in scale with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe figures. Thanks to the 30 points of articulation, four pairs of interchangeable mask eyes, ten swap-out hands, and a variety of attachable webs, you can pose this Spider-Man in just about any action-packed position you can think of!

In addition to the ultra-detailed, screen-accurate take on the Wall-Crawler, Hot Toys also has the adorable Cosbaby bobbleheads!

Hot Toys Spider-Man

The biggest of the bunch stands just over eight inches, but there is also a smaller one that's around three inches tall. Two other Spidey singles will feature him in Wall-Crawling and Web-Swinging variations! Spider-Man: Far From Home also inspired a batch of two-packs. They include Nick Fury and a crouched Spider-Man, Mysterio and a web-shooting Spidey, and a dedicated Spider-Man pair with him in his new suit and the stealth one seen in the trailers! Mystery, Fury, and Stealth Spider-Man can only be purchased in those packs. 

We're not done yet, though! If you're a fan of the Web-Head and video games, you've probably played Marvel's Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4. In addition to being a super-fun game, it also showed off all sorts of costumes our hero's worn over the course of his almost 60 year history! And Hot Toys brings many of those into the bobbling world of Cosbaby later this year! The line-up includes Spider-Man in his Anti-Ock, Velocity, Negative, Scarlet Spider, Fear Itself, Spirit Spider, Black 2099, and Iron Spider suits!   

Hot Toys Spider-Man

Hot Toys also showed off Venom Cosbaby bobbles based on last year's hit film. All three feature the title character; in addition to the standard Venom, there's also a Multicolor Version, and one where you can see Eddie Brock's face under the symbiote! 

Hot Toys Venom

All of these Hot Toys goodies will make their way to stores soon⁠—stay tuned to @HotToysOfficial and @Marvel for more info. Until then, get the full rundown of everything Hot Toys Spidey on the way in the gallery below!



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