Published July 19, 2022

Black Panther Legacy Items Arrive From Funko, Hasbro, RockLove Jewelry, and More

Explore the Black Panther Legacy Artist Series and Collection now!

black panther

Celebrating the honor and stories of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, Funko, Hasbro, RockLove Jewelry, and more are releasing a brand new collection of figures, toys, and jewelry featuring familiar characters out of Wakanda. 

The Black Panther Legacy Artist Series will be available exclusively on starting on July 21, with the Black Panther Legacy Collection available now at most major retailers. 

​​Swipe into action with their Battle Claws, or re-enact ultimate showdowns between Black Panther and Killmonger with the new line of action figures part of the new Legacy Collection. The Power FX Mask provides anonymity while keeping vibranium out of the hands of evildoers everywhere. Black Panther fans will turn eyes with the Claw Necklace, or show their pledge to Wakanda with the sterling-silver Crystal Icon Ring. Compliment the whimsical Funko collection with new designs of favorite characters, including Nakia, Shuri and M’Baku. 

Additionally, Walmart’s exclusive Marvel’s Voices artist capsule collection spotlights the work, contributions, and lived experiences of Marvel creators and fans of color, as well as products from the Black Panther Legacy program. Created by artists Nardstar and Damion Scott, the new capsule collection features Walmart-exclusive Funko collectibles with additional exclusives coming later this year. 

Fans can also learn more about the artists and new items, check out exclusive content, and shop the wider Legacy product assortment online at Walmart’s Marvel Hub!


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