Published December 1, 2020

Chris Claremont Returns to Wolverine

Own an exclusive tie-in issue to Wolverine’s first solo series by Claremont, available only on Marvel Made.


Just announced: a new and exclusive Wolverine story by legendary X-Men creator Chris Claremont!

Cover by Steve McNiven.

Anyone who orders the Marvel Made Paragon Collection: Chris Claremont Premier Bundle, will also receive a 20-page, bagged and boarded comic book featuring a cover by iconic artist Steve McNiven! This story will be included alongside a gorgeous faux-leather, hand-numbered hardcover that collects a handful of Claremont’s most notable works, alongside other exclusive offerings like lithographs from renowned artists Joe Quesada, Art Adams, Marcos MartinPhil NotoSalvador Larroca, and Philip Tan, and an exclusive variant comic book cover of WOLVERINE (2020) #6 by Olivier Coipel. To make the hardcover one of the most rare and sought after collectibles for all X-Men fans, each copy will be signed by Chris Claremont and include one of four iconic X-Men quotes handwritten by the author.

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Tied directly into Wolverine’s classic 1982 series, this new comic story will be a standalone tale that expands on Logan’s redemptive saga in Japan.

Wolverine (1982) #1

Wolverine (1982) #1

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“Time passes—unnoticed—and the hours I spent pitching to Frank in a mid-summer I5 tailback (that’s a “traffic jam” for everyone on the west side of the Pond) became a 4-issue triumph,” recalls Claremont of his 1982 run.

“Not so long after that, those issues were joined by a two-part sequel to become something even better. For me, it was a chance to work with Frank Miller and Paul Smith—two of the finest storytellers in this business, then and now—to create a story that reads as well today as it did then. Action-a-plenty, sure, but most satisfying of all for me, characters that were visually alive and emotionally vital. And those characters are who we’ll be seeing again in this exclusive new book.”

This issue is only available as part of the Marvel Made Paragon Collection: Chris Claremont Premier Bundle. Make sure you order yours now, (or gift to the X-fan in your life), and don’t miss the opportunity to own this rare and essential comic.


The Marvel Made Paragon Collection: Chris Claremont Premier Bundle is available for pre-order on See here for more details.

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