Published November 3, 2021

Jack Kirby's 'THE ETERNALS' land in VeVe

Don't miss the one that started it all, digital collectible comics dropping on November 4 at 11 AM ET

Eternals #1 on VeVe

Celebrate the legacy of Jack Kirby and The Eternals with the the latest digital comics collectibles drop  of THE ETERNALS #1 on VeVe!

Originally released in 1976, THE ETERNALS #1, written and drawn from the mind of Jack Kirby and the first appearance of The Eternals. The comic introduces us to Ikaris the Eternal, the Deviant Kro and kicks off an adventure of cosmic magnitude involving Sersi, Celestials and the rest of the Eternals family.

THE ETERNALS #1 drops in blind box format on Thursday, November 4 at 11 AM ET /  8 AM PT. Each digital comic is fully readable, with VeVe Exclusive Rare & Ultra Rare variant covers by Gerald Pare. Each comic will sell out quickly so act fast! Here's the full list of versions available:

  • THE ETERNALS #1 - Classic Cover - Common
  • THE ETERNALS #1 - Vintage Variant - Uncommon  
  • THE ETERNALS #1 - Hero Variant Cover by Gerald Pare - Rare
  • THE ETERNALS #1 - True Believer Variant Cover - Secret Rare
  • THE ETERNALS #1 - Vibranium Variant Cover by Gerald Pare - Ultra Rare

See all the covers below:

THE ETERNALS #1 - Classic Cover - Common



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