Published February 1, 2022

New Hawkeye Dolls, Figures, and Toys Arrive at Shop Disney

Shop the Kate Bishop Special Edition Doll now!

Get ready to hit the mark with the latest Hawkeye items to arrive at ShopDisney. Both Clint Barton and Kate Bishop have arrived in true marksman style with their bows at the ready plus an actual bow you can bring home, too. And don’t forget Lucky the Pizza Dog

Based on the character viewers first meet in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye, the Kate Bishop Special Edition Doll is now available to bring home. Part of the Marvel special edition action dolls, the fully poseable 11” doll features a jacket and pants with silk printing, a quiver with shoulder harness and spray deco, a bow with spray deco, and a pair of molded black boots, based on the costume worn in the Disney+ series. 

kate bishop doll

If you want to channel Kate Bishop yourself, snag the character’s Quiver Bow and Arrow Set, the latest roleplay accessory which includes six arrows and a button-activated opening feature. Trick Arrows not included, and try to not destroy any bells and/or bell towers. 

kate barton bow and arrow

Diamond Select is also rolling out one new Hawkeye figure, featuring Clint Barton’s ironic costume inspired by the Disney+ series. The 7” figure also comes with one pizza-loving dog, Lucky! 

clint barton diamond select

Find more Hawkeye at ShopDisney, and shop all Hawkeye Marvel Must Haves for the series! 

All episodes of Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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