Published September 2, 2022

Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game Powers Up in New 1.2 Game Update

You spoke, we listened. Find out all the new changes that were implemented in the latest updates for the official Marvel RPG!

The new 1.2 Game Updates have dropped for the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game, and suffice it to say, this is no typical game update. In fact, get ready for an even more powered-up version of the official Marvel RPG, all thanks to the feedback provided by early players.

Changes in the 1.2 Game Updates for the Marvel RPG include:

  • Ranks changed from 1–25 to 1–6. Ranks are meant to be a narrative representation of a hero’s power level, not an experience-point-based level system.
  • Characters have more Ability Score Points.
  • Ability Score Caps are lower.
  • We eliminated Archetypes entirely.
  • Each Action Modifier is now a character’s Ability plus their Rank.
  • Each Defense Score is now a character’s Action Modifier plus 10.
  • Karma now equals a character’s Rank.
  • The Power formerly known as Mighty is now Super-Strong. Characters with this power add their Super-Strong level to their Rank to determine their damage multiplier. Let’s look at Captain Marvel (Rank 6, Super-Strong 4) for example: Standard Fight Damage: dMarvel x 6 Plus 4 Ranks for Super-Strong 4 Actual Fight Damage: dMarvel x 10
  • The Initiative Modifier is now equal to a character’s Vigilance Action Modifier.
  • There are now only three kinds of actions: Move, Action, Reaction.
  • Maintained and Sustained powers now last with Concentration.
  • Health is now equal to a character’s Resilience Modifier multiplied by 20.
  • Focus is now equal to a character’s Vigilance Modifier multiplied by 20.
  • The stats for weapons changed to fit the new Damage rules.
  • We defined lethal vs. nonlethal damage.
  • We eliminated damage modifiers.
  • Double damage is the default result for a Fantastic Roll.
  • Downed heroes can use Karma to recover Health or Focus in battle.
  • We eliminated damage subtypes.
  • We eliminated botches.
  • For Trouble, the person rolling the dice now just rerolls the highest die.
  • Movement is expressed in 5-foot spaces rather than feet.
  • Many powers will now cost Focus to use.
  • We revised all the current character profiles to fit this, and we released a new profile for Shang-Chi.

All updates are current as of 8/31/22.

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For the latest updates on the Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game, head on over to the official page for breaking news. You can also sign up for Marvel Insider to stay on top of every new update as it rolls out in the future!


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