Published March 31, 2023

Shop Marvel Must Haves: Deadpool's April Pools' Day

Celebrate everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth!


April Fools' Day? Absolutely not. April 1 is now April Pools Day to celebrate everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth — Deadpool

If you're over silly little pranks and goofs, align yourself with the wise-cracking, off-beat, fourth-wall-breaking mercenary for this very special day — but still, maybe expect an off-color joke or two. Find all sorts of exciting, Deadpool-approved items in the image gallery below, including Deadpool apparel and accessories, hatstrading cards, ties, and if you're in the mood for a Deadpool-themed breakfast: Deadpool coffee mugs and waffle makers. Who doesn't want a Wade Wilson waffle??

Still looking for more? Shop dozens more Deadpool items over at Amazon now! 



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