Published June 25, 2020

Chris Evans and Paul Rudd Reflect on the Impact of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

The two have a lengthy conversation for Variety’s Actors on Actors series.

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How does Chris Evans feel knowing that he’s playing a character where the bar is set incredibly high? The long-time Captain America actor explained to fellow Avenger Paul Rudd in Variety’s latest Actors on Actors conversation that at first, it was intimidating, considering everyone has expectations for Cap. But eventually, that worry faded away. 

“With a character in [the Marvel Cinematic Universe], you’re the first tracks in the snow [for viewers]. It’s intimidating and overwhelming,” He explained via a video call with Rudd. “But working at Marvel, everyone makes you feel so comfortable. It’s such a group effort, you know that every decision is going to be vetted over endlessly. Very quickly you put down your fear and realize you’re in good hands.”

Having played the First Avenger for almost a decade now, Evans knows that everyone associates him with the Cap, both in front and behind the camera, especially children. When asked by Rudd how that feels, Evans dives into his connection to the character. 

“Back when I was young...actors were only accessible through their work. Now, you have [social media] where you can actually offer a little bit more of who you are, which is a tricky tightrope to walk. But it is nice to be able to share a little bit extra, especially playing a character that I respect so much, and trying to create this nexus between the work you do and the impact you might want to have on kids. It’s nice to interact with kids feeling something that the character put in their head already.”

The two also dive into a discussion about working together on Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War, as Evans and Rudd met for the very first time shooting the Germany car park scene. Rudd was nervous about integrating into the already-established Avengers roster, with a laugh from Evans who explained he couldn’t imagine the Scott Lang actor “not jelling with the group,” continuing Rudd is “like sorbet, a palate cleanser, an always welcome addition.” 

And if you’re wondering who’s winning the Avengers Boggle games the actors would play during downtimes, it’s Rudd by far, Don Cheadle comes in second, and per Evans, “[Mark] Ruffalo comes in way at the end.” 

You can watch the whole conversation between Evans and Rudd over at Variety

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