Published March 29, 2021

Examining War Stories with 'Marvel's Declassified'

Get the inside story of how Marvel creators have responded to conflict since day one at the House of Ideas.

Marvel’s Declassified is a nonfiction narrative podcast that focuses on the rich, dynamic, and evolving history of Marvel Comics as told through a contemporary lens! 

Marvel’s predecessor Timely Comics was founded in 1939, the same year World War II began. From the earliest days, our creators were thinking about battles overseas and close to home. With artists, writers, and editors experiencing the war, sometimes on the frontlines, the pages flooded with patriotism, heroes, and horrors. With World War II and the Vietnam War as benchmarks, your hosts Lorraine Cink and Evan Narcisse look at how Marvel has responded to military conflict on its pages. Along the way, they explore the relationship between art and propaganda, and how a good idea can be used for both good and evil.

Joined by guests Neal Kirby, Paul Hirsch, Larry Hama, and Don Lomax, Lorraine and Evan uncover it all on the latest Marvel’s Declassified!

Marvel’s Declassified

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