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Published November 10, 2022

Marvel's Spidey and his Amazing Friends New Song: “Merry Spidey Christmas”

Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy takes us behind the scenes of the new song.

Spidey and the gang are getting into the holiday spirit thanks to Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy and the new song, "Merry Spidey Christmas."  The song recently debuted with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes interview with the musician and composer. The new song will premiere on November 11th at 8:30 AM ET on the Disney Channel and at 12:30 Pm ET on Disney Junior during a very special Spidey and his Amazing Friends Holiday Special that features two new stories with the Spidey team saving Thanksgiving and using their new Glow Webs to save Christmas.

When asked about writing the new song, Patrick Stump shared "Honestly I just had fun with it. And being even more honest, I had had the “Christmas Christmas Christmas” melody kicking around my brain for years without a place to use it, so somehow when I saw the phrase “Merry Spidey Christmas,” the rest of the song sort of wrote itself."

Get into the holiday spirit with Spidey, Ghost Spider and Miles and don't miss the Spidey and his Amazing Friends Holiday special on November 11th on the Disney Channel and Disney Junior!

Merry Spidey Christmas


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