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Published April 6, 2022

'Moon Knight': Episode 2 Details Log

“You think you own this body when it belongs to me.”

Moon Knight - Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac)

Summon the suit

In Episode 2 of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight, “Summon the Suit,” mild-mannered gift shop employee Steven Grant’s life is upended when he is thrust into a deadly mystery involving a mysterious zealot, Ancient Egyptian deities, menacing jackals, and a second ruthless alter living inside him.

Picking up mere moments after the end of the previous episode, Steven’s place of employment has been severely damaged by all those key players converging as he works the night shift. 

Stream Moon Knight — Episode 2 “Summon the Suit” — now on Disney+, and read on to discover some notable highlights from our Details Log below!

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)


•    Steven Grant/Mr. Knight
•    Marc Spector/Moon Knight
•    Arthur Harrow
•    Khonshu
•    Layla El-Faouly
•    J.B. the Security Guard
•    Crawley the Street Performer
•    Detective Constable Bobbi
•    Detective Constable Billy


•    London
•    Cairo

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)


Steven Grant is startled awake following some vicious nightmares. However, his ankle restraints are still on and the sand circling his bed remain undisturbed. Once again, was it a dream or not?

Not A Dream, Mate

At work, J.B. alerts Steven that certain sections of the museum are quartered off under the dubious excuse of “burst pipes.” Steven convinces the security guard to let him review the security footage from the evening before, warning J.B. that what he will see will “melt your brain.”

Unfortunately for Steven, the footage shows him as being the only person present, crying, running, and knocking into museum property. J.B. cannot see the Egyptian jackal Steven claims was there as well.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Be the Best You Can Be

The museum agrees not to press charges against Steven; they recognize he’s been struggling recently and they have a handful of doctors they’d be willing to set up an appointment with for him.

Later, Steven explains to Crawley the street performer that he was sacked for being a vandal, but thankfully, not arrested. Weighing his options out loud, he can’t possibly be mad—the things he found hidden in his flat, such as a key and phone, are real. Maybe, just maybe, if he can find what storage locker the mysterious key is connected to, he can prove it.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

I Serve Khonshu, Which Means You Do Too

Steven manages to find the storage unit in London. However, the mystery only deepens as the only thing in the unit are a cot, emergency supplies, clothes, and a duffle bag containing a passport for “Marc Spector,” foreign money, a pistol, and the golden scarab. It’s all totally real.

As the golden scarab hovers above its base, Steven realizes it’s a compass that leads somewhere. Suddenly, his reflection speaks to him, once again issuing a warning. Via reflection, Marc tells Steven to take a nap on the cot, and to not interfere while he handles matters, ensuring their safety. Incredulous, Steven states he’s never sleeping again!

Moon Knight - Khonshu (God of the Moon)

Marc explains that he’s an “avatar” for the Egyptian god of the moon Khonshu, which ultimately means, so is Steven. In their servitude, “they protect the vulnerable and deliver Khonshu’s justice to those who hurt them.” It all sounds too absurd — Steven has a mild panic attack and believes he needs to go to the hospital.

Marc further explains their situation. He made a deal with Khonshu, which is contingent on Steven not interfering with their work. Marc pleads with Steven to give him the body so he can finish their business and then, Steven won’t hear from him ever again. Steven decides he’s going to go straight to the authorities with all this evidence of illegal activity so he can be locked up, never hurt anyone again, and remove Marc from his head.

Riding with a Victorian Duchess

Steven rushes out of the storage facility as Khonshu pursues him down its hallway. The deity yells at him to “give it back, you fool.” Rushing back outside to the streets of London, Steven stumbles on the street, falling in front of Layla El-Faouly, who recognizes him as Marc.

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)

On her moped, Layla drives them to Steven’s flat. While navigating London, Layla unloads on “Marc” the turmoil and uncertainty he has put upon her. Of course, she’s worried; she’s still his wife, after all. But can he drop his preposterous British cover identity?

At his home, looking at his reflection in the fish tank, Marc warns Steven to get Layla out of there; he’s way out of his depth. Layla questions “Marc” for studying both French and hieroglyphics. Steven is impressed by Layla; however, she refuses to buy whatever act this is. She hands “Marc” the divorce papers he sent to her—this was what he wanted. Steven declares he would never divorce her; he tries his best to make sense of what’s been happening. Marc once again warns him that he will only endanger Layla by entangling her with these matters. Looking inside his duffle bag, Layla is incensed upon finding the golden scarab. The compass that points Ammit’s ushabti—the very artifact that they both fought side-by-side to recover.

Distressed, Steven pleads with Layla; he’s not trying to withhold anything for her. He’s not this Marc Spector; he’s Steven Grant who works in a gift shop, who does not want anything to do with this golden scarab. He thinks he’s in real danger, and she may be the only person who can help him. Layla is disappointed that he doesn’t remember their adventures or their life together. Before they can continue their conversation, Detective Constables Bobbi and Billy force themselves in his flat to arrest Steven Grant, as Layla hides outside of his window.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy)

Full-Blown International Fugitive

With Steven arrested and handcuffed in the backseat, DC Billy and Bobbi discover Marc Spector is an international mercenary wanted for hitting a dig site in Egypt and executing a group of archeologists. 

Instead of taking him to the police station, Steven realizes they’re in a rundown neighborhood. Everyone, including the officers he’s with and the inhabitants of the area, bear the same tattoo: the sigil of Ammit. Alone in the car, Steven screams for help. Both Steven and Marc wrestle for control of the body. Steven proclaims he’ll never give up the body to Marc; he saw what Marc did in the Alps. Suddenly, Steven learns his captor is none other than Arthur Harrow.

Harrow now understands the situation—why Steven’s scales won’t balance. Steven Grant. Marc Spector. Khonshu. There are too many voices in his head. He asks Steven if Khonshu selected him as his avatar because he knew he could break his mind, or because his mind was already broken to begin with. Steven argues he’s not broken; he just needs help. Harrow affirms that’s why he’s here, to help Steven.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Khonshu

Real Justice

Harrow lays out the situation for Steven. The zealot only wants what’s best for the world; take a look around at the commune and all that he’s established. It breaks his heart how much pain and suffering there is in the world.

He explains to Steven that Khonshu hasn’t changed one bit; in fact, he too once served the Egyptian god of the moon, acting as his “fist of vengeance.” Without his avatars, all he can do is knock over things with a gust of wind, or cause the lights to flicker. However, Khonshu’s mission is flawed, and his tantrums are unbecoming, which was why he was banished by the rest of the gods.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) and Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

Khonshu only punishes those who have already done harm, once the damage has been done. To Harrow, Khonshu only eliminates the symptoms of evil. On the other hand, the Egyptian deity Ammit is real justice, attacking evil at the root by casting her judgement. She prevents evil from happening to begin with, which is why he must resurrect the goddess and pledge himself as her avatar. With her power, they can heal the world in a matter of days. That’s why they need the golden scarab; the compass will lead them to her tomb. It will be heaven on Earth.

Speaking directly to Marc, Harrow tells him to not believe Khonshu and their deal. He’s a liar, and he’ll never be set free. There will always be one more “last” mission.

Moon Knight - Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke)

Steven interjects and questions Ammit’s methods. If she judges people before they commit evil deeds, is she not judging innocent people? Can a thought be evil? Would she kill a child for something they do 30 years into the future? Harrow explains, “sometimes the cure is a little taste of the disease. The difference between medicine and poison is sometimes only dosage.

Summon the Suit

Showing genuine frustration with Steven, Harrow shows him his cane with a double-headed crocodile handle—a gift Ammit granted to her original avatar as a gift. It still channels a sliver of her power. Just then, purple energy emanates from the cane while Harrow’s acolytes slowly back away from Steven and Harrow.

Moon Knight - Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) and Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac)

Layla appears within the commune walls revealing she has the scarab. Standing beside Steven, Layla tells him to “summon the suit,” a request he does not understand. She hands Steven the scarab as they begin to flee. Angered, Harrow unleashes Ammit’s power, releasing the Egyptian jackals on Steven and Layla.

As they search for a way out of the commune, Layla tells Steven he is Marc and he needs to summon the suit; she’s seen him bring it out of himself, as Marc demands Steven to relinquish control of the body. Overwhelmed, Steven begs for both of them to leave him alone. Gently, Layla addresses Steven telling him they can do this; they’ll find another way. A jackal bursts through the room, but only Steven can see it.

Moon Knight - Mr. Knight (Oscar Isaac)

Falling out the window, Steven fears he is falling to his death. Mid-air, Khonshu voice booms demanding Steven to summon the suit. As his eyes glow, a supernatural protective armor takes form around him. Steven lands without injury, in a white three-piece suit complete with a white mask, embodying Mr. Knight. Marc is offended; they should be wearing the ceremonial armor from Khonshu’s temple; not a ridiculous suit. Searching for the scarab in his pockets, Steven discovers a pair of truncheons from inside his jacket instead.

My Servitude is the Price That I Pay

Astonished by his newfound strength, Mr. Knight wrestles with the jackal while pleading with Layla to stay away from himself and the jackal. She’s suddenly knocked over by an invisible beast she cannot see, as the brawl spills into the street in front of a bus full of innocent bystanders. Steven allows Marc to take control to ensure no one gets hurt. Transforming from Mr. Knight to Moon Knight with his crescent blades, Marc lures the jackal away from the crowd of people.

Moon Knight - Moon Knight (Oscar Isaac)

Moon Knight vanquishes the jackal, which dissolves into sand. However, he realizes in his chase with the jackal across London, he lost the scarab. A homeless man comes across the golden scarab just as Harrow approaches it. However, the man is judged by Ammit’s scales. Layla witnesses the horrific scene as the man’s soul is ripped from his body.

Elsewhere and away from Harrow, Steven reacts poorly being trapped on the inside and begs Marc to switch back with him. However, without the scarab, he’s not ready to give the body back to Steven. Steven calls him a parasite eating away parts of his life; Marc isn’t without pity. He promises he will leave Steven alone for good once he completes this last mission. They’d be dead if it weren’t for Khonshu; he has to repay the debt.

Moon Knight - Steven Grant/Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

Khonshu, on the other hand, is livid at the situation at hand. Marc allowed Steven to interfere. If Marc is unable to fulfill their arrangement, he will seek a new candidate as his replacement avatar. Someone near and dear to Marc. Layla.

There has to be another way to find Ammit’s tomb without the compass, and before Harrow reaches it first. Khonshu and Marc make their way to Cairo.

Moon Knight - Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac)

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