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Published December 23, 2019

Navia Robinson on the Making of 'Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire'

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Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire, which stars Dove Cameron, Tyler Posey, Cierra Ramirez, and Navia Robinson, among others, is now streaming on Marvel HQ.

During a private record earlier this year, Earth's Mightiest Show and had the opportunity to speak with Navia Robinson about her character Zayla in the special and recording the theme song "Roaring Thunder." How does Shocktress and Invisibiolio make Zayla feel about not having any abilities of her own? How does Zayla cope with not having any powers like her parents do?

Navia Robinson: Zayla copes by trying to be there for her parents and assist them in a way which makes most sense to her, with her smarts, her intelligence and her intuition. She tries to make up for her lack of powers with her knowledge.

Zayla's parents definitely make her feel a bit inadequate. It's probably her own self insecurities as well because she sees these powerful parents and she has what the ideal person is and that's her parents. By her parents being slightly dismissive, they do make her feel a little inadequate for not having powers as they do. Shocktress and Invisibilio have their sights set on fame and fortune, what does Zayla want?

Navia Robinson: Zayla is always after her parents praise, she uses the amulet she acquires and uses its powers that are presented to her to try to satisfy her parents and bring them something that she knows would make them proud, and that gets her into a lot of trouble. Tell us more about the amulet and what she's up against.

Navia Robinson: The amulet is kind of this mystical, magical vessel which is used to attract other powers so that they become yours. The amulet is capable of bringing powers to Zayla such as super strength and fire.

Zayla has to take on the entirety of the Secret Warriors and all of their powers, but because of the amulet, she is able to be an equal match. Additionally, more emotionally, she's kind of taking on her parents as well because she wants to prove something to them.

The digital single "Roaring Thunder" is currently available for download and at streaming services and the official lyric music video is now available on DisneyMusicVEVO (click here to watch).

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Navia Robinson joins Earth's Mightiest Show for this special behind the scenes look at the upcoming Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire!

Download Navia Robinson's 'Marvel Rising' Single 'Roaring Thunder' Now

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Download Navia Robinson's 'Marvel Rising' Single 'Roaring Thunder' Now

The theme song to 'Marvel Rising: Playing With Fire' is now digitally available!