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Published September 6, 2018

Season 2 of 'Marvel's Iron Fist' - Here’s What Critics Are Saying

Streaming only on Netflix Friday, September 7!

It's time for a second round. Season 2 of "Marvel's Iron Fist" premieres tomorrow, Friday, September 7!

The reviews are in, you're not going to want to miss a single hit or punch!

Here’s what top critics are saying about Season 2 of "Marvel’s Iron Fist" (don’t worry, we’ll keep this spoiler-free):

Decider: "Iron Fist Season 2 features quite possibly the biggest, boldest step up in quality I’ve ever seen in a Netflix show, and shockingly, it might be the best Marvel series of 2018."

Polygon: "Iron Fist Season two left me hungry for more."

Deadline: "I think you should get in the ring with the 10-episode Iron Fist Season 2 and its new muscles."

Den of Geek: "Marvel delivers better fights and a stronger story in Iron Fist Season 2"

AV Club: "The chemistry between Henwick and Missick, which we got a taste of in Luke Cage season two, makes for another fun crossover…Their dynamic is the main draw of the show as it moves into the second half..."

SyFy: "The MCU is loaded with strong female characters, but these are two of the strongest. Giving them a chance to team up, hit the streets, and bust a whole lot of heads really is a dream come true."

JoBlo: "The second season of Marvel's Iron Fist is superior in every way. In fact, I would go so far to say this was the most well-balanced season of a Marvel Netflix series since the first season of Daredevil. Full of action, tension, character development (really!) and two great villains, Iron Fist is the realization of the character we have been waiting for."

Hypable: " often put into the spotlight in a way we rarely saw her in season 1. Her fight scenes are visceral, complex, and memorable."

CBR: "There’s an undeniable chemistry in their interactions as Misty…nurtures the budding detective in Colleen as each of them arrives at a crossroads in her life."

TV Line: "Jessica Henwick, of course, remains a big draw, especially as Colleen Wing swings into action in some of the better melee."

Collider: "Misty Knight also joins the team a few episodes in, and Simone Missick’s presence is always a delight." "The main fan-focus will of course be the action, and the fight sequences in season 2 - even in the first episodes - are much more frequent, with much better fight choreography by stunt coordinator Clayton Barber, and much more extensive fight training on the part of the actors and stunt performers. Thankfully the action scenes are not just gimmicky fights: the fight sequences involving Danny, Colleen, Misty, Davos, etc. are firmly rooted in season 2's larger gang war story arc - which is not too far removed from the narrative structure of Luke Cage season 2. The stakes of each fight make the sequences more thrilling - especially since the visual effects are also much stronger, making Iron Fist season 2 a much better offering of fantastical Marvel super hero action."

Uproxx: "Not only is it clearly evident that more time and planning were put into the fight choreography, but the cinematography team did the same for how they shot each action scene."

Forbes: "The action, acting and motivations of almost all the players involved are much cleaner this time around."

The Washington Post: "Every scene with Davos and Danny is intense — even when they’re just trying to have dinner together or have a basic conversation. Their brotherly bond has been broken and Davos’s anger is palpable: He’s only got one emotional gear and never shifts out of it."

Need a refresher on recent events for Danny Rand, Colleen Wing, and the other 'Marvel's Iron Fist' characters before it premieres at midnight? We've got you covered here!

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