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Published August 18, 2022

‘She-Hulk’: Every Song From the Disney+ Series

Court is now in session.

she-hulk attorney at law

Who’s that girl? It’s the closing song of Episode 1 of the soundtrack for Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the answer is simple: It’s Jennifer Walters. And she just happens to also be a Hulk (thank an accidental dose of Bruce Banner’s blood for that one). 

The new series, now streaming on Disney+, revolves around unassuming 30-something Jennifer Walters and follows her through her day-to-day in Los Angeles as she tries to be the best lawyer she can be, while also struggling with her personal love life. That’s made even more difficult after she’s involved in a car accident with her cousin Bruce Banner — yes, that Bruce Banner — and some of his gamma-laced blood gets into her system. Now, whether Jen likes it or not, she’s a Hulk, too.

Wondering what tunes you heard in the first and second episodes? Find every song featured in the series below! 


Jen Walter’s world is turned upside down when a freak accident leaves her with superpowers. 

  • “Money On It” by Together Pangea
  • “Next Thing You Know” by Robin & The Rocks
  • “Asleep in the Clouds” by Wenda Williamson
  • “I Want to Be With You” by George Simms
  • “Fast (Motion)” by Saweetie
  • “Porro Bonito” by Orquesta Ritmo De Sabanas
  • “Cumbia Caletera” by Tito Nunez y su Orquesta
  • “Licked and Live on Ludlow” by Deep East Music
  • “Who’s That Girl?” by Eve
  • “Banaito Y Perfumao” by Fernando Cavazos



Jen is hired at a prestigious law firm but must practice as She-Hulk and rep a complicated client.

  • "Stop This Flame" by Celeste
  • "Scratch by Aaron" Childs
  • "Before I Go" by Sarah May
  • "Feeling Better" by Louise Dowd and Jeremy Abbott

Need a lawyer? Call 1-877-SHE-HULK, and follow Jennifer Walters on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and find Marvel now on TikTok!


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