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Published November 11, 2020

Teyonah Parris On Her Upcoming Role as Monica Rambeau in Marvel Studios' 'WandaVision'

The actress will introduce audiences to an adult Monica Rambeau in the upcoming Disney+ original series!

With the static clearing up on the retro screens of Marvel Studios' WandaVision, their first foray into small screen programming exclusively made for Disney+, we're starting to get a crisper image of the environment we're in and the players inhabiting it.

Monica Rambeau made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut as the young daughter of Air Force pilot Maria Rambeau, Carol Danvers' best friend, in Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel. In WandaVision, we meet Monica Rambeau again, but this time as an adult, who is played by actress Teyonah Parris.

Yesterday we learned what we can expect from the series from titular stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we get to hear more about Monica from Parris, series' head writer Jac Schaffer, and series' co-executive producer Mary Livanos.

Just like her mother, Monica has the "toughness and ability to be a woman in a man's space," revealed Schaffer.

“I feel so special and honored to be able to walk in her shoes and bring her story to life,” Parris explained to EW.  “I hope that me playing this character (a) gives a group of people who are underrepresented a chance to see themselves, and (b) seeing my face and my Black body helps them engage with Black women and our humanity.” 

How exactly does Monica fit into the world of WandaVision? "One of the fun mysteries is how the heck would she become involved in this odd sitcom that Wanda and Vision find themselves in," said Livanos. "That's a mystery the show unravels along the way."

Monica Rambeau, in the comics, already has a strong relationship with Wanda and Vision, which was certainly something Livanos wanted to play into, noting "She's the type of hero that can always talk with other heroes." Get to know the comics version of Monica Rambeau.

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Getting into the role of Monica was an exciting process for Parris even as she faced physical challenges in the stunts and situations at hand, as seen in the trailer above. “I do feel empowered and that I have a voice in this character and who she is and what we’re creating,” shared Parris with EW. “I do think that they trust some of my own instincts and they’re valuing what I’m bringing to the character. I’m really appreciative of that.”

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