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Published May 25, 2021

Tom Hiddleston's Most Memorable Loki Scenes

Stream the Hiddleston-led Marvel Studios' Original Series 'Loki' on June 9!


Before we near the premiere of Marvel Studios' Original Series Loki, on June 9, exclusively on Disney+, let's assess our favorite God of Mischief moments!

If you need a refresher on our favorite trickster's time within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is still time to rewatch all his appearances starting with Marvel Studios' Thor! Then, proceed to The AvengersThor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, and end with Avengers: Endgame. Not only is there still time, but you can participate in a Loki Wednesday Watch Party this Wednesday, May 26, and next Wednesday, June 2!

Additionally, you can watch the God of Mischief himself, Tom Hiddleston, give you a crash-course on Loki's journey throughout the MCU in 30 seconds if time is of the essence.

While you compile your favorite Loki moments, EW asked their latest cover star Hiddleston what he considers his most memorable Loki scenes.

Highlights include:


Hiddleston singled out the scene when Loki discovered his true parentage; he was not the son of Odin, but a descendent of the Frost Giants. 

"That's the creation, in a way, of Loki's status as a villain, is this intense feeling of marginalization and isolation, [and] that he does not belong, that Thor is not his brother," Hiddleston told EW. "I'll never forget doing that scene because I had such respect, and still do, for Sir Anthony Hopkins, and suddenly I was having to play tennis with him in a very emotional place." 

The Avengers

Hiddleston naturally recognized one of the most memorable scene in the entire MCU when Hulk did not have the patience for the 'puny' Trickster God's long-winded monologue. 

Hiddleston explained, "I had a piece of wire tied to my ankle and there was a mat on the floor, which was out of shot, and three of the strongest stunt guys holding the wire at the end behind the camera. The experience being yanked out of frame was one I will not forget in a hurry. For about two years after that, I couldn't go through airports anywhere in the world without somebody kind of going, 'Hey, Mr. Loki, I love it when you get Hulk smashed.' It became a bit of a thing in a fun way." 

Avengers: Infinity War

Loki takes a stand against Thanos after reconciling with his brother Thor.

On meeting Loki's end at the hand of the Mad Titan and accepting who he is, Hiddleston shared, "The redemption of Loki as a character was achieved in that moment of sacrifice and catharsis — that after all this time, after all this journey of feeling marginalized and fueled by jealous rage, he would risk his life to save his brother and call himself an Odinson. And I saw this perfect closure in a way."

Thankfully, we know this was not where Hiddleston's journey ends. Read all about Hiddleston's audition for the God of Thunder Thor, as well as his favorite moments from Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Endgame, and a bonus tease of the upcoming Loki by heading over to EW!

Marvel Studios' Loki premieres Wednesday, June 9, exclusively on Disney+. 

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