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Published February 8, 2019

Young Storytellers Write Stories Based on 'Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors'

Marvel continues mission to nurture a new generation of heroes!

Last summer, Marvel partnered with the non-profit group Young Storytellers giving middle school students a very special opportunity to write stories based on "Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors," and then seeing their artistic vision come to life.

Working with Disney mentors, these students wrote a 3-5 page script based on select characters from "Marvel Rising." The scripts will subsequently be performed by a talented group of Marvel Rising and Marvel Animation voice actors including Chloe Bennet, Kamil McFadden, Milana Vayntrub, Kathreen Khavari, Roger Craig-Smith, and Melanie Minichino, and narrated by Skai Jackson.

Young Storyteller Ruby Arana crafted America Chavez's origin story with insight on why her moms sent her to a new universe.

Squirrel Girl must save her friends Ms. Marvel and Quake from the evil super villain, Exile, before it's too late in Young Storyteller's Corryn's story, "The Missing Friends."

America learns the importance of friendship and helping others in need when she and Patriot rescue a lone wolf from Exile in Young Storyteller's Isabella's story, "Special Friendship."

In Young Storyteller Brianna's story, "Lockjaw's Pool," Tippy and Squirrel Girl are on their way to Lockjaw's pool party, but they have an encounter with Quake who has been following them the whole time!

Lockjaw and Tippy-Toe learn the importance of treating others with kindness and that it's okay to make new friends in Young Storyteller Jordyn's "Lockjaw's New Friend."

The Secret Warriors must put aside their differences and work together to save Lockjaw from the evil Exile in Young Storyteller Laila's "Stretch, Fire, and Shield."

The Secret Warriors help a young Inhuman girl, Alexa, learn to embrace her powers and teach her that's it's ok to be different in Young Storyteller's Nalayah's "The Girl Who Couldn't Be Normal."

You can now watch these onstage performances, bringing to life the imaginations of our talented, young participants on Marvel HQ, with a new episode every week for seven weeks.

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