Calvin Morse

Calvin Morse

Total nerd Calvin Morse is super stoked when he finds his enchanted jacket, which gets him into the Strange Academy, a school for the mystically-gifted.


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As an orphan that bounced around in the foster system, Calvin Morse is overjoyed to discover a magical jacket that gets him into Strange Academy. There, he is excited to learn and grateful to be in such an awesome place, with Asgardians no less!


A Rough Start

After Calvin Morse’s parents die, he grows up in foster care where some of his new caretakes are nice, most of them are not. Then he finds a magical leather jacket and his whole life changes. He gets accepted into the Strange Academy—a magically hidden school in New Orleans for those with magical abilities. Attending orientation led by Academy teachers Jericho Drumm, AKA Doctor Voodoo, and Zelma Stanton, Calvin learns where everything is located on campus and that nothing is what it seems, for example the classroom for the magic of the cosmos is located in space. He finds out his roommate is the Asgardian Alvi Brorson, and in Calvin’s excitement, he asks Alvi all kinds of questions, like whether he knows the thunder god Thor Odinson, AKA Thor, or warriors Sif, Balder, and the Warriors Three. Though Alvi does not know these famous Asgardians, Calvin’s excitement is not abated.


Empowered by Outside Forces

Calvin discovers a magical leather jacket and it changes his life forever. When Calvin wears the jacket and is under attack, it releases a goo-like substance as a defensive measure. Though it can function without Calvin wearing it, and has been known to play video games.


Lunchroom Bullies

So far at Strange Academy, Calvin faces a beast known as a Throzil, which he volunteers to battle during an orientation-day lesson led by Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange. He also faces lunchroom bullies who enchant his gumbo with some kind of tentacled-creature.


Making Friends

Calvin is getting to know the students at Strange Academy and plays video games with the school’s helpers, the Mindless Ones.


Calvin's Chronology

Alongside the other new students at the academy, Calvin learned who his new teachers would be which Calvin agreed with fellow student Emily Bright that they couldn’t believe this was their life now. As soon as student Doyle Dormammu asked about the academy’s namesake Doctor Strange, did he arrive, in style no less, fighting off a beast and asking for the students’ assistance. Calvin volunteered and sprang to action. With his magical jacket that spewed residue over the monster. Strange commented how disgusting it was but Calvin took it as a compliment. The whole new student body helped Strange defeat the beast and they then heard a welcome speech from Strange himself, which ended on a strange note, with him telling them to “try not to die”, shocking Calvin and the other students a bit.

While attending classes on the first day of school, he learned about zombies from Doctor Voodoo, and he ran laps during P.E. In the lunch hall, Calvin tried gumbo for the first time and devoured it up. Though some bullies enchanted it to attack him with a tentacled-creature.