Alvi Brorson

Alvi Brorson

Asgardian teenager Alvi Brorson uses his powers against his perceived enemies, but is quick to change his course when an authority figure steps in.


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Hailing from Asgard, and possessing a magical scepter that channels his mystical energy, Alvi Brorson gets accepted into Strange Academy. Alongside his twin brother Iric, he learns more about his abilities.


Alvi the Asgardian

Alvi is the son of Bror and Amora, AKA Enchantress, and twin brother to Iric. Like his brother, Alvi’s magically gifted. As a teen, Alvi and his twin enroll at the Strange Academy for the mystically-inclined in New Orleans. During the Academy’s orientation when a Frost Giant, Alvi, like Iric, sees them as a threat since Frost Giants and Asgardians have been eternal enemies. Alvi pulls out his scepter in preparation for a battle. However, the King of the Frost Giants, Loki Laufeyson, AKA Loki, intervenes, and defends his subject, Gus, AKA Guslaug, who’s also a newly arrived Strange Academy student. Alvi apologizes profusely, begging Loki’s pardon.

On the tour of the school, Alvi gets to know his new roommate, Calvin Morse, an excitable nerd who wants to know all about Alvi’s affiliation with Asgard and its heroes. Alvi while annoyed explained how Asgard’s a big place.


Magical Scepter

Alvi wields a scepter that he magically channels his energies through. Being from Asgard, he retains all the typical physical traits of an Asgardian, such as superhuman strength and durability.



When Doyle Dormammu, son of the dreaded Dormmamu of the Dark Dimension, arrives on Strange Academy’s campus for orientation day, Alvi’s twin brother Iric goes on the defensive and protects Alvi from this potential threat. After their initial fight gets broken up by one of the Academy’s staff members, Alvi seems enemy-free, but that remains to be seen.


Mystical Allies

While at Strange Academy, Alvi is allied with his fellow students and roommate, Calvin Morse—though he first calls him Kevin. Alvi learns from such teachers as Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, Steven Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, Zelma Stanton, and the Ancient One.


Alvi’s Account

Alvi, along with all the other students then faced off with a beast brought to the school by Doctor Strange. When his teacher Zelma directed him to defend his fellow student Germán, he did so with ease. Alvi and the other students helped defeat the beast and then listened to a pep talk delivered by Strange, albeit a dire one that included him telling them all not to die.

At the end of the first day of classes, Alvi asked the other students if they’d seen his brother. Calvin’s the only one to respond and informed him that he heard some kids talking about him and Doyle getting into trouble during Illyana Rasputina, AKA Magik, and Daimon Hellstrom, AKA Hellstorm’s class, Inferno 101. Suddenly, a portal opened above them and both Iric and Doyle fell through, completely exhausted and starving having battled their way through Hell together.