Published September 3, 2020

Take a Field Trip with 'Strange Academy'

Look inside 'Strange Academy' #3 as the class heads off campus for the first time...

On September 30, return to STRANGE ACADEMY!

You've met the students. You've met the faculty. And in just under a month, STRANGE ACADEMY #3 presents an uncomfortable concept for a few of the mystical mentees... DOYLE DORMAMMU, HEAD OF THE CLASS?

Strange Academy (2020) #3

Anyone who has been to New Orleans knows that it’s a magical place, but the students of Strange Academy are about to see it firsthand. Their first field trip as a class shows them a city (and the stakes of what they’re living) in ways that light a fuse that is going to blow up in a big way. 

Written by Skottie Young with art by Humberto Ramos, colors by Edgar Delgado, and letters by VC's Clayton Cowles, ish #3 expands the realm of the supernatural school, as Emily Bright and her paranormal peers continue their Strange journey...

Read the opening pages of STRANGE ACADEMY #3 right here!


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