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There is very little known about Blackout's early exploits. In his first appearance, he encountered the Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch) as a henchman for the crime lord Deathwatch. He later ran afoul of the Kingpin while on a mission to obtain two mysterious containers. His mission was foiled by the Ghost Rider, and Blackout attempted to bite the Ghost Rider on the neck, only to have his face disfigured by a burst of hellfire from the bite wounds.

Disgruntled and disappointed by his failures, Blackout became obsessed with obtaining revenge on the Ghost Rider. He eventually learned the Ghost Rider's true identity and murdered his sister, Barbara Ketch. A while later Blackout battled the Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze and lost once again. He joined the organization known as the FIRM for a short period of time; their agenda was to capture the Ghost Rider. Still, Blackout's plans for revenge were his top priority, which led to him killing Daniel Ketch, but the Ghost Rider lived on through Johnny Blaze, while Blackout was buried alive.

Blackout would later reemerge, this time in the company of his great grandmother, Lilith, and the Lilin children. While fighting against the Midnight Sons, Blackout met his death after being stabbed through the heart by Blade. Recently, Blackout, alongside Doghead, Orb, and Death Ninja, has been working with Daniel Ketch. Blackout attempted to kill the Caretaker, only to be stopped by Daniel. A few moments later Daniel took the Caretaker's life himself.

Blackout would be called on again by Zadkiel to put together another group of individuals to kill Ghost Rider. The Deacon was working side-by-side with him, and they rounded out their team by recruiting Madcap, Big Wheel, Trull, the Mighty, Scarecrow and the new Vengeance. While Big Wheel and Trull kept Blaze and Ketch busy, Blackout stole the key to the first gateway to Heaven the Ghost Riders came upon. He next ventured to the second gateway where the Gun Nuns were. Blackout thought it would be easy pickings for him, but bullets dipped in holy water forced him to make a hasty retreat. Blackout met up with Master Pandemonium and Kid Blackheart to regroup before attempting to take over the world for Satan.




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