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Chio Chulindo, was an illegal Ecuadorian immigrant, who sold fruit in the Bronx. He was a casual acquaintance of Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch). While walking his beloved dog Chupi, Chio chanced upon a drug addict who had struck down her boyfriend in rage. Panicking, she screamed for the police, claiming Chupi had attacked them. Chio fled with Chupi into the path of a bus, which struck both of them. In his dying moments, Chio was merged with Chupi by Blackheart into the demonic Doghead. Gifted with superhuman strength and fighting prowess. He lashed out against the bus driver but, retaining a portion of his human nature, he stopped just short of murdering the bus driver before accompanying Blackheart to his realm. Doghead would later emerge as one Blackheart's self-proclaimed Spirits of Vengeance.

Blackheart would not be the only master Doghead served, for when Zadkiel called, Doghead was one of the unfortunate souls who answered. Partnering with other scoundrels such as Orb, Blackout and Death Ninja, Doghead also found himself fighting alongside a former enemy in Daniel Ketch. Their prey was none other than Daniel's former Caretaker. Approaching the home with caution, Doghead only got as far as the porch since Caretaker's Hellfire shotgun refused him entry and blew his head apart.









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