Orb (Unrevealed)




Orb was born with a head in the form of a giant eye. His parents abandoned him at an early age due to his physical deformity, and he was raised in a freak show where he was forced to sleep in cages and eat cat food. Laughed at and mocked all of his life, Orb maintained his virginity until the age of 37, even then he had to pay for the experience. He eventually became a mercenary, but quit after awhile. Daniel Ketch later hired him to serve the angel Zadkiel alongside Death Ninja (an apparent reanimated corps formerly serving Centurious), Doghead (Fransisco Fuentes) and the Lilin Blackout. During their attack on the Caretaker, former advisor to Ketch, Orb accidentally triggered a trap inside Caretaker's home, launching a wooden plank lined with nails into his eye. Orb survived and was taken to Nashville Prison Hospital where his massive eyeball trauma was treated. After being broken of prison by Deacon and Blackout, Orb rejoined Zadkiel's service and joined the Ghost Rider Assassination League. Alongside Vengeance (Kowalski) and zombie bikers, Orb attacked the Gun Nuns to destroy a gateway to Heaven, but their Mother Superior shot three digits off on Orb's left hand, and Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch) knocked him out. After a short stay in a prison hospital Orb escaped and hired a bunch of henchmen he called the Orblings. A bank robbery failed when Spider-Man and Wolverine beat up Orb and his crew.




224 lbs.





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