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The Tae Kwon Do prodigy and kid hero Crescent teams up with a magical bear spirit, and together they join the Agents of Atlas.


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Crescent is an independent and dutiful teenager with dual identities. Wearing her enchanted mask, she turns into a Super Hero and shares a unique bond with Io, the magic bear spirit that inhabits the mask. They form the super heroic and super-powered duo that fights for justice!


Kid Hero

Ten-year-old Dan Bi grows up in Korea and attends South Korean Public School. Her name Dan Bi is the Korean word for both “welcome rain after a drought” and “a big bear.” 

She is raised by her single father, Dan Minho, who is an antiques dealer. He is forced to acquire powerful artifacts for the ancient sorceress Morgan le Fay. One day when her father does not pick her up from school at the usual time, a worried Dan Bi walks home to search for him, only to find that he had disappeared, leaving behind a mysterious bear mask in his bedroom.

Suddenly, a group of armed soldiers burst into the house, informing Dan Bi that they were there on behalf of her father’s employer and demanded that she hand over the mask. Realizing that her father must have been trying to keep the mask safe, she clutches it to her chest, praying for protection. As if in answer to her prayer, an enormous glowing “half-moon” bear spirit emerged from the mask, driving the soldiers out with a roar.

The bear spirit—Io—is impressed by Dan Bi’s bravery, and Dan Bi, in turn, feels emboldened by Io’s strength and power. The two form a bond, vowing to protect each other from those who may wish to harm them. Together with their newfound strength and determination, they embark on a quest to find Dan Bi’s father—a quest that will lead them into the dark and dangerous shadows of Morgan le Fay’s reach.


Tae Kwon Do Prodigy

Crescent is a Tae Kwon Do Prodigy. She summons and controls Io the magic bear via her enchanted mask which she finds among her father’s antiques.

Her costume is a modernized version of the traditional Korean clothing Hanbok, which is durable and allows for flexibility so that it can be used for Tae Kwon Do action. It is also equipped with traditional Korean accessories. Crescent wears an enchanted mask that features a half-moon motif that parallels Io’s forehead.


Powerful Foes

The powerful sorceress Morgan le Fay sends a group of armed soldiers to obtain an enchanted mask from Dan Bi’s home where she unintentionally invokes the spirit inside of it—a magic bear spirit. The spirit, Io, drives the soldiers away with a roar. Though their encounters with the scheming sorceress are just beginning.

Sindr, the Queen of Cinders and Muspelheim, and her armies overwhelm Crescent and Io’s home of Seoul. Crescent and Io defend the city and its people against the growing threat.


Super-Powered Allies and Alliances

Io is a magic bear spirit that accompanies the mask which Crescent wears. Io acts as Crescent’s strong avatar. The Super Hero duo bond and vow to protect each other. They are sometimes joined by Ami Han, AKA White Fox, of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service and Seol Hee, AKA Luna Snow, when they fight back the forces of evil.

They later join the Agents of Atlas to fight and defeat Sindr who attacks the Pacific Rim. Agents include Amadeus Cho, AKA Brawn; the Master of Kung Fu Shang-Chi, and Cindy Moon, AKA Silk. The team is led by former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo and current headmaster of the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted. Crescent and Io also partner with Lin Lie, AKA Sword Master, Lei Ling, AKA Aero, Pearl Pangan, AKA Wave, and Tūtū Pele, AKA Pele the Hawaiian Goddess of fire.


Crescent’s Chronology

Based out of Seoul, South Korea, Crescent and Io worked alongside other super-powered people Ami Han, AKA White Fox, of South Korea’s National Intelligence Service and Seol Hee, AKA Luna Snow. When Sindr attacks Seoul, Crescent and Io fight alongside their compatriots and they are joined by the new Agents of Atlas’ de facto leader Brawn. After they initially fight Brawn off not realizing he is there to help, Brawn teleports them to a safer location but leaves Luna behind who was captured. He has them rendezvous with the rest of the Atlas team where they meet the other agents, Shang-Chi and Silk as well as their leader former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jimmy Woo and current headmaster of the Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted. Woo encourages the team to work together to free Luna from Sindr’s Goblins of Msupelheim. They do so successfully and are then joined by Sword Master, Aero, Wave, and Pele.

After they all share a meal of Spam, they formulate a plan to split up and fight Sindr’s forces. Half the team with Crescent and Io join the Monkey King, of the Ascendants in Beijing, to train for the fight.

With training and working as a team, the agents go head to head with Sindr and defeated her, sending her armies back to Msupelheim through the Asgardian Rainbow Bridge.




60 lbs.




Dan Bi: Black, Crescent: White


Dan Bi: Black, Crescent: Black

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