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Absolute Carnage: Frank Tieri Takes Us Inside the Cult of Carnage

The writer of two Absolute Carnage miniseries shares some insight into Marvel’s symbiote event!

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The History of Spider-Man: 1992

Spidey takes on Goblins, Roses and the rise of Carnage!

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Jason Macendale, the newest Hobgoblin was down on his luck and having a hard time in the supervillain business. After being beaten up several times by Spider-Man and once by the Green Goblin, he offered the demon N'astirh his soul in exchange for power during the Inferno crisis. N'astirh was amused by the mortals request he bonded a demon from the "Otherplace" with Jason, giving him superhuman and supernatural powers. Yet while he gained these grand new powers his body and face started to become an exact replica of the Hobgoblin mask. With his newfound powers the demonic Hobgoblin was hired to attack Doctor Strange at an event. Jason agreed and began an assault against the sorcerer supreme, using his own mystical might against the doctors. Jason ultimately lost and then set out killing several different mercenaries until he was confronted by Moon Knight. The fight that then began eventually led to Moon Knight's mansion where Spider-Man joined the fight and the two heroes defeated the demonic Hobgoblin.

Jason was then taken to Tombs Prison and incarcerated where Jason Macendale and the entity now known as Demogoblin physically split apart. Demogoblin then broke out of jail and started to "cleanse the sinners". He was then rescued by the Doppelganger and was confronted by Code: Blue, who took down Demogoblin despite not having any superpowers. Demogoblin was then once again captured, but this time telepathically summoned Doppelganger, who set him free. This caught the attention of Spider-Man who quickly rushed to apprehend Demogoblin and Doppelganger. During the battle Venom was drawn into the fight and eventually Ghost Rider and Blaze joined the battle, the result being Demogoblin's arrest again.

Some time later Moon Knight began to experience bizarre spells of dizziness and his face began to slowly decay. Deciding that Demogoblin was to blame he paid the demon a visit in jail and demanded to know what he had done to him. During a telepathic and physical scuffle Moon Knight learned that Demogoblin had planted a virus in him that was slowly taking over his body. The result of the virus separated from Moon Knight and became known as Pang. Moon Knight then defeated Demogoblin once again, leaving him in his jail cell. He was freed and joined a gang which included Carnage, Doppelganger, Shriek and Carrion. Together they torn New York apart until Spider-Man and his fellow super heroes put a stop to the madness.

Defeated once again Demogoblin became disheartened as he was taken back to prison. He busted out again sometime later and attempted to team up with Blade, sensing that he too wanted to punish the wicked. Blade however was corrupted by the Darkhold and killed Demogoblin. Demogoblin however was resurrected sometime later. He then ran afoul of Venom several times, he even ran into Morbius once or twice. Always beaten and sent back to prison he began to ponder his "mission". A few months later he broke out again and sought out Jason Macendale for forgiveness. When he finally caught up with Jason he asked him for his forgiveness, but Jason refused to believe it and the two started a fight in a local church. During the battle Demogoblin noticed a pillar which was dislodged during the battle was falling towards a mother and her young boy. Asking for forgiveness he rushed over and saved the mother and son, holding the pillar for a few seconds until it crashed on top of him. The pillar's weight crushed Demogoblin, killing him.




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