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Growing up was tough for Elsa Bloodstone. Her mom was a nerdy archeologist, she was constantly moving from place to place searching for the next ancient wonder, and she never knew anything about her father…until she discovers her dad was the legendary monster hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone and that he died doing what he loved best. Elsa takes up the mantle and kicks some major monster butt! 


A Legacy of Monster Hunters

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, the beautiful and feisty Elsa Bloodstone is the daughter of famous monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Following her parents’ breakup when she was 2 years old, Elsa accompanies her mother across Europe, settling in England. Despite never knowing her father, Elsa remains curious about him. Though ignorant of her father’s career, she is plagued by dreams about vampires and other creatures of the night. Shortly after Elsa’s 18th birthday, Ulysses dies and leaves Elsa and her pregnant mother his Boston home (the Bloodstone House) along with all of its contents, accumulated during his millennia of adventures.

Arriving in Boston, Elsa encounters several unique individuals affiliated with her father: Charles Barnabus, a Pureblood vampire lawyer and executor of the estate; the clerk Mr. Dluga, his teenaged son Tomas and his vampire-hating grandfather Papa Dluga; and Frankenstein’s Monster, Adam, the caretaker of the house. Adam helps indoctrinate Elsa into her true heritage, offering her the mystic Bloodstone Choker, which contains a shard of the Bloodgem that previously imbedded in Ulysses’ chest over 10,000 years before. The Bloodgem bonds with and empowers Elsa. Adam also gives her other items from her father’s collection, including a mystic lamp that contained a captured djinn (“genie”) and served as an early-warning detection system, glowing whenever a mystical threat was active in the world. Accidentally using the lamp, Elsa transports to Bosnia, where she encounters the legendary vampire-lord Vlad Tepes Dracula, AKA Dracula. Recognizing Elsa as a Bloodstone, Dracula attacks her, but the Choker repels him. Before Dracula could strike again, members of the Nosferati, a subrace of vampires, staked and destroyed him, and Elsa teleports back to her new home. She and Adam then travel to Egypt, where they help N’Kantu, AKA the Living Mummy, defeat resurrected Egyptian necromancer Rakses.

Elsa then becomes involved in a Nosferati vampire plot to infect Dracula, Barnabus and other Pureblood vampires with a virus, turning them into an eternal source of nourishment for the Nosferati. The Nosferati invade the Bloodstone home, kidnapping Barnabus and temporarily beheading Adam. Elsa, Adam, and Tomas Dluga followed them back to their lair, secretly located in a disease control center. Elsa confronts Nosferatu, an ancient Atlantean vampire and leader of the Nosferati. Nosferatu bites and kills her, but not only does the Choker quickly revive her, but it cures Nosferatu of vampirism as well. Returning to true life, Nosferatu ages quickly and one strike by Elsa renders him into dust. As the remaining Nosferati closed in, Elsa frees Barnabus and Dracula. Dracula and Adam force open the roof of the building, causing the unprotected Nosferati to burst into flames.

Elsa and her mother (who remained unaware that Elsa had taken up her father’s occupation) elect to remain at Bloodstone House, turning it into a curiosity shop “Bloodstone Curios” run by her mother, while Elsa continues exploring the family vocation of monster hunting in between college classes.


Bloodstone Super Powers

Elsa’s Bloodstone Choker grants her superhuman strength, agility, speed and endurance, as well as an unspecified degree of regenerative ability, and Elsa now appears to be invulnerable to most forms of physical harm. The Bloodstone itself can repel vampires, while her blood can destroy them. The Choker attaches itself to her, but can be removed at will. Elsa may have inherited powers from her father, but how much of her abilities she might retain without her Choker remains unrevealed.

Elsa also has access to her father’s collection of artifacts. So far, she uses a magic wish-granting lamp capable of teleporting her to mystical trouble spots, as well as various vampire-hunting weapons, including a shotgun that fires silver cross buckshot, an ultraviolet flashlight, etc. She carries more conventional firearms as well, including Uzis and normal shotguns.

She is a natural gymnast and fighter, taking to both disciplines as if she had been trained in them.


Blood-Sucking Enemies

Elsa battles all kinds of monstrosities, and the likes of blood-sucking vampires Dracula and Nosferatu. When Nosferatu bites her, her Bloodstone blood protects her and cures his vampirism.

Elsa joins the Nextwave squad which falls under the authority of  the Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort, AKA H.a.T.E. When Elsa and the team discover H.a.T.E. is funded by the Beyond Corporation and they altered their memories, she and the other team members end up fighting the company that hired them.


Family Ties and Heroic Allies

Born to Elise and Ulysses Bloodstone, Elsa grows up with her mother and not knowing her father. She has a half-brother, and possibly many other half-siblings and descendants of Ulysses. Elsa and her mother open a curiosity shop but she does not know of Elsa’s monster hunting extra-curriculars.

Elsa joins the Nextwave squad alongside Aaron Stack, AKA Machine Man, Monica Rambeau, AKA Spectrum, Tabitha Smith, and Captain, who are led by the insane General Dirk Anger at first and later Spectrum.

After heroes and villains personalities become inverted after World War Hate, Victor Von Doom, AKA Doctor Doom, recruits Elsa onto his new Avengers team. She fights against an evil Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, alongside Walter Newell, AKA Stingray, Brunnhilde, AKA Valkyrie, Delroy Garrett, Jr., AKA 3-D Man, and John Walker, AKA U.S. Agent.


Elsa Bloodstone’s History

After encountering the likes of the Kraken, Zarko the Flying Squid, and other monstrosities, Elsa was contacted by Jacob Hathaway, the son of Nathaniel Hathaway. Nathaniel had been the caretaker of the Explorers’ Club, which Ulysses and his team the Monster Hunters—Anthony Ludgate Druid, AKA Doctor Druid, “Master of the Unknown;” Makkari, a super-swift Eternal (a sub-species of humanity); Aquaria Nautica Neptunia, AKA Namora of undersea Atlantis; Zawadi, warrior woman from Wakanda; and various others—had used as a meeting ground, and Jacob sought to continue his father’s aid to the cause. With Jacob’s help, as well as help from Frank Johnson, head of the Museum of the Monstrous and Strange, Elsa began to compile a database of all known monsters on Earth. Working from Hathaway’s files, which included notes from the Monster Hunters, as well as from numerous acquaintances and allies, Elsa contacted various other adventurers and others who had encountered monsters to gather further information. She then began the arduous process of converting pictures and notes (in various formats) into high resolution PDF files for easier storage and retrieval.

Subsequently, the Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort, AKA H.a.T.E.’s insane General Dirk Anger recruited Elsa placing her on their Nextwave squad. Elsa carried out missions she believed to be for the good of mankind. However, the Nextwave squad soon learned that the Beyond Corporation funded H.a.T.E. and went rogue, though not before H.a.T.E. apparently altered some of their memories. While tracking Beyond Corporation operations, Elsa and her teammate, the Captain, witnessed a flawed clone of Fin Fang Foom rise from underneath the building they targeted. In the chaos, Inhuman plant agents of H.a.T.E. (dubbed Human Resources) arrived and attacked the heroes before the Nextwave Squad managed to kill the Fin Fang Foom clone.

Learning of a Beyond-created virus that fed off metal, Elsa located corrupt police officer Mac Mangel, who had been infected with it. Though she tried to kill him before he could further mutate, she failed and he transformed into a metal giant. Nextwave Squad member Tabitha Smith defeated Mangel and the team departed. The squad then tracked down the fields in which the Human Resource agents were grown, but before they could destroy them, Anger and H.a.T.E. arrived and dispatched the evil koala bears, AKA Drop Bears, and the bizarre swordsmen known as Samurai Batch 23 against the team. While Elsa and Tabitha fended off the creatures, Nextwave squad member Machine Man forced Anger to retreat by threatening to destroy a dress that Anger valued, as it had belonged to his mother. Though victorious, the Nextwave squad beat down Aaron for his robotic arrogance.

The Nextwave squad then followed the Beyond Corporation to Shotcreek, Colorado, where they found the town overrun by Mindless Ones, unthinking creatures who had traveled to Earth from the Dark Dimension via a gateway opened by the Beyond Corporation. Elsa recognized the creatures and sent the team to find the gate they were coming through. The Captain found it and closed it. Their next mission found them being led into a trap, as the city they arrived in was empty, and was designed by the Beyond Corporation especially for such instances. S.I.L.E.N.T., the core faction of the Beyond Corporation, launched an attack on the Nextwave Squad. Led by Number None, a strange “infant” version of the AIM-created M.O.D.O.K., S.I.L.E.N.T.’s three superteams (Surgery, Vestry and the New Paramounts) fought Elsa and the others. Though she killed the New Paramounts member Charlie America, his teammate Forbush Man created individual illusionary worlds in which to trap the heroes. Elsa found hers to be one where she was humanity’s lone defender against a massive onslaught of monsters. Tabitha, however, was not affected by Forbush Man’s powers and defeated him, releasing the rest of the team from the illusions.

The Nextwave squad made their way to State 51, the base of the Beyond Corporation. There, Beyond dispatched wave after wave of clones, robots and other creatures, including duplicates of Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, Mechano, The Living Colossus IT, Hidden Man, the Living Brain, the Beasts of Berlin and members of the Elan, Wobbow and Possessor alien races. Defeating the abominations, the Nextwave squad confronted Number None, who tried to escape, but was killed by the leader of the Beyond Corporation: A being falsely claiming to be Devil Dinosaur. The Nextwave squad defeated “Devil” and took over the State 51 base.

More recently, Elsa joined the Initiative led by Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, during the super hero “Civil War.” During this time, Elsa hunted down monsters. She also became impregnated by a monster but her Bloodgem killed the offspring shortly afterward. Elsa vowed to never have a child after this ordeal.

Elsa traveled to Isla de la Sombra, off the coast of Morocco to hunt down a former enemy of her father’s, the Dreaming Maiden, and his monster-hunting crew known as the Covenant. On her quest, she ran into the X-Man Logan/James Howlett, AKA Wolverine. They battle the Twelve Horrors, disciples of Murderous Lion, and later go up against Lion and other members of the Covenant, though none of them realized the Maiden promised them each something that they desired which led to them turning on one another. Elsa later realized that the Maiden was not merely dreaming, she was also calling out to something much worse and believed she should be killed. During the battle between Elsa, Wolverine, and the Covenant members, the Maiden’s head was lopped off somehow. Afterward, Wolverine departed and Elsa is then seen working with the Covenant.

Elsa assisted Mercedes Knight, AKA Misty Knight, in New York’s Chinatown to face of the Ghost Boys and helped them uncover the real threat, a bio-engineered Brood sleazoid. She helped Misty and her team of Fearless Defenders destroy the lab responsible for creating the Brood.

She then offered assistance to the Thunderbolts members when they needed her magical abilities. When heroes and villains personalities were all inverted after World War Hate, Doctor Doom recruited Elsa into his Avengers team. She alongside the new Avengers Stingray, Valkyrie, 3-D Man, and U.S. Agent fought an evil Scarlet Witch.

Later, Elsa discovered a prophecy involving an Inhuman kid named Kei Kawade, AKA Kid Kaiju, who would stand against the mother of Leviathons. Elsa found Kei and took him to Parker Industries where other heroes assembled to combat the Leviathons who wreaked havoc all over the world. As Leviathon spies for the mother infiltrated Parker Industries to attack Kei, Elsa and the heroes repelled the attack. Kei’s abilities allowed him to summon monsters by drawing them which assisted the heroes against the onslaught of monsters. As the Leviathon Mother had made Earthfall, Elsa and the others fought it back while Kei merged his monster creation into one, the Smasher, and with it defeated the Mother. Afterward, Kei and his family received a terraformed island, the Isle of Mu, for them to live with his monster creations, and Elsa remained there as Kei’s mentor and bodyguard.

While Elsa watched over him and offered him her worldly wisdom about monster-hunting, she also breaks from her duties and by hunting less gargantuan threats. Though she always returned, and when she did an emergency called their attention to Texas where a Leviathon appeared and caused chaos on a ship in the sea. Despite their efforts to help, the mad scientist Mole Man arrived with additional Leviathon monsters and captured them. Bringing them to his underground lair, Mole Man used his Moloids to attack Elsa so he could be alone with Kei. Meanwhile, Elsa convinced the Moloids she was their queen and they became obedient to her. By the time she returned to Kei, Lady Hellbender arrived attempting to take Kei, so Elsa ordered the Moloids to her. Fighting off Hellbender herself, Elsa failed and she made off with Kei. Elsa worked with Mole Man and tracked Hellbender and Kei to discover the New Intelligencia had been the masterminds of his kidnapping. Kei tried to help by drawing another monster, but the New Intelligencia had other plans. Elsa, Mole Man, Kei, and his monsters defeated the villainous crew and S.H.I.E.L.D. placed them in custody. Back on Mu, Elsa guided him to keep drawing to be ready for anything.

When Kei asked Elsa to take him somewhere remote without many people, she teleports him to the Savage Land, and one there he informed her of his dreams about other dimensions and sleep draws monsters with no memory of doing so. She reminded him of his responsibilities but while they argued, he unconsciously drew an alternate-universe Fin Fang Foom and summed him to their location. Kei defeated him by summoning the original Foom who assisted in the defeat. Elsa helped him understand his powers to the best of her abilities, but saw how he had grown. She recommended he seek out further counsel from those other Inhumans like him. Not a long-goodbye person, she departed as his mentor, but reassured Kei that she was a mini kaiju, if he called her, she would be there for him.

Upon an invitation from sorcerer Wong, Elsa later joined the reformed Midnight Sons team alongside veteran members Eric Brooks, AKA Blade, Ted Sallis, AKA Man-Thing, and Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider as well as a host of others. They fought but helped demon-possessed heroes, such as Dr. Stephen Strange, AKA Doctor Strange, and fought against Mephisto.





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