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While on Spacewheel, Pyko was an integral part of his employer's plans since he was the most invaluable employee for Inter-Stel Mechanics. Not only did he provide Judson Jakes with an army of automated assassins, in the Killer Clowns and bio-engineered Drakillars, but he was the only one who could read the most coveted book on Halfworld – Gideon's Bible. Pyko was witness to the first time Lylla – soul mate of Rocket Raccoon – was kidnapped. He was there when the Hulk, the only being to ever penetrate the supposedly impenetrable Galacian Wall surrounding the Keystone Quadrant, aided the raccoon in rescuing Lylla. And Pyko was also there when Jakes was presumably forced planet side into his new headquarters of Mayhem Mekaniks.

It was at this juncture Uncle Pyko began to rethink his purpose in life. A devastating Toy War between Jakes and his only competition, Lord Dyvyne, broke out, and Pyko wanted no part of it. He stole Gideon's Bible for himself to obtain some much needed answers about his home world and the Loonies that lived there. He hid himself away on the opposite side of Halfworld to study the book, and by the time he was discovered by Rocket Raccoon, Pyko had learned all he desired. Betrayal by the mercenary Blackjack O'Hare even forced Pyko to ally himself with Rocket, Wal Rus and Lylla in order to escape a brutal death, but with the alliance came salvation for the Loonies. The knowledge inside Gideon's Bible and the help of the robot population led to the creation of the Wonder Toy, and the cure to the Loonies deranged mental states.

After Jakes and Dyvyne had been defeated, the humans wanted to rebuild Halfworld with the help of the animals. Most of them left with the robots, but Uncle Pyko stayed because what he really wanted to do was design toys for the sake of entertaining others and not the power his former employer craved.









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