Wal Rus

Wal Rus



On the planet known as Halfworld there lived a vast array of intelligent animals who provided entertainment for the world's human population. There were a few furry friends, however, who pledged their lives in defense of the humans, and among those are the valiant Rocket Raccoon and his First Mate, Wal Rus.

Wal was at Rocket's side when they discovered a jade giant sleeping in the path of a vicious Robomower. The mystery of how this individual got to Halfworld in the first place was baffling, but moving him to safety was their first priority. Try as they might, the two animals couldn't budge his massive bulk, but they soon found out an angry Hulk doesn’t need to fear any automation, no matter how terrible it's said to be. After Hulk obliterated the mower, Rocket invited him to join them aboard his ship and the trio headed for the Cuckoo's Nest. They arrived just after the Black Bunny Brigade slaughtered most of their allies and made off with Gideon's Bible and Wal's niece, Lylla. An immediate departure, and expert piloting by Wal Rus, soon put the trio at the proverbial doorstep of the mole in charge, the evil Judson Jakes aboard his Spacewheel. Between Rocket's superb marksmanship and Hulk's awesome strength, Lylla and Gideon's Bible were back in safe hands, but Hulk was transported off Halfworld by Uncle Pyko, leaving Wal and the others to fend for themselves once more.

When the Chief Toysmith of Lord Dyvyne was murdered, a Toy War breaks out on Halfworld between Dyvyne and Jakes with Rocket Raccoon stuck in the middle to defend the mentally challenged humans the animals lovingly refer to as the Loonies. Wal Rus once again stood by Rocket's side to end the mayhem and retrieve his twice kidnapped niece and the twice pilfered Gideon's Bible. When Rocket first confronted Jakes inside his new headquarters of Mayhem Mekaniks, Wal helped his captain deal with Jakes' insane creations dubbed the Psycho Circus. With one fiasco averted, Rocket soon had to face another. The nearly unstoppable Red Breath was unleashed upon the Loonies, but while Rocket dealt with that problem, Wal Rus confronted Blackjack O'Hare and his Black Bunny Brigade to rescue Lylla.

Still, all was not well for Wal Rus and his allies. The forces of Lord Dyvyne and Judson Jakes would not give up their pursuit. Even with a new member in their ranks, a seemingly reformed Blackjack O'Hare, the group almost met their end when their ship was destroyed. Traveling to the other side of Halfworld, courtesy of the Wild Worms, where the robots ruled, Wal and company thought they'd be safe until they could devise a way out of their current predicament. However, a chance meeting with Uncle Pyko – the culprit who stole Gideon's Bible from the Loonies – and a bitter betrayal by O'Hare, left Wal Rus and the others in a worse position than before. Joining forces with Uncle Pyko, Wal Rus and the others had to contend with Blackjack O'Hare and his Awful Eight. Using his martial molars to make quick work of the enemy, a hasty retreat was in order, and with it came a shocking discovery. Uncle Pyko and Rocket discovered a way to cure the Loonies of their madness, but it meant sacrificing Gideon's Bible.

Wal and his pals went under cover as a traveling sideshow to deliver the cure to the humans on Halfworld, and Wal even put on a puppet show to illustrate how to use the helmets the robots fashioned from the information within the Bible. The helmets – called the Wonder Toy – helped the Loonies focus and think, but a temporary truce between Lord Dyvyne and Judson Jakes interrupted the humans' new-found intelligence when they were attacked by Killer Clowns, Drakillars, and an army of chimps. Wal Rus, Rocket Raccoon, and their once hated enemy – Blackjack O'Hare, now back on the side of good - were all that stood between the lethal army and the liberation of Halfworld. Just when it seemed this would be their last stand, the robots arrived with the Loonies in tow, and together, they all defeated Jakes and Dyvyne, taking back the planet for themselves.

Even though the humans wanted to peacefully coexist with the animals that took care of them over the years, Wal Rus and his friends left Halfworld along with the robots on-board their ship in search of adventures on other worlds.








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